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December 1995                             Volume 3, No. 11


This is an electronic newsletter edited by the IUE Data Analysis Center (IUEDAC) intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates and project changes.

  • IUEDAC Software and Hardware Updates
  • Recent Software Changes (since 08-Nov-1995)
    A new version of KEYGEN was implemented which corrects an error discovered in the calculation of the julian date FITS keyword. The earlier version could cause the JDATE keyword to be in error by up to 9 days. (KEYGEN is a subroutine in programs which convert iuesips files to FITS format.)

    The IDL MOUNT and DISMOUNT commands available in IDL 3.6 for mounting tapes on VMS systems are not available in newer versions of IDL. The VMS mount and dismount commands may be used instead from outside of IDL. See a member of the IUEDAC staff if you have any problems.

  • IUE Image Processing News
  • Small NEWSIPS Error

    Recently we discovered a small error in the processing history portion of the FITS headers for some images. The error affects only LWP low-dispersion data taken after Nov. 12, 1992 (i.e. data that may be affected by solar scattered light). There is a message in the processing history under RAW_SCREEN that states that, except for trailed and multiple exposure images, the spectral extraction is set to point source, in order to minimize any possible scattered light contamination. This is correct. In some cases, the RAW_SCREEN processing history also says that the extraction was set to "extended source"; this is incorrect. The affected images are being reprocessed to remove this possible source of confusion.

    NEWSIPS Status

    The IPC has now processed all of the available NASA SWP and LWP low dispersion data. Data which are still proprietary have not yet been processed through NEWSIPS, but this will be done as data become publicly accessible. Some images have not been processed because of missing database information or other problems. We are currently working on getting those images taken care of and processed. Note also that we are not processing VILSPA data; VILSPA is doing so.

    If you need images that seem unavailable, please contact Cathy Imhoff (301-794-1470, or She can check on them and in many cases fix the problem so that the images can be processed.

    NEWSIPS Data Availability

    Recently NSSDC has placed a large volume of NEWSIPS data into the NDADS system (see below). If you have been trying to get some images which are listed as processed but not yet available from NDADS, you may wish to try again.


  • IUE and Education
  • Are you interested in using the IUE satellite or its data to support science education? We are too! We have recently formed a small informal working group to exchange ideas and experiences. If you are interested in joining, please contact Cathy Imhoff ( Messages may also be sent to our e-mail exploder at


  • Availability of NEWSIPS Data Via NDADS
  • We are pleased to announce that most low dispersion SWP and LWP data processed with NEWSIPS by GSFC, is now available from NDADS. The status report listings do not yet reflect this status, but should soon. We have begun to write VILSPA SWP low dispersion data to platter and the first VILSPA images should start to be available from NDADS by the end of 1995. It will take 4-5 months to put the VILSPA data processed so far on NDADS.

    You are encouraged to use the status request report whenever possible. However, should you need help determining the status of any IUE data in the NDADS archive, please send questions to Karen Levay at

    Dr. Michael Carini
    Mr. Randy Thompson
    Ms. Lyla Taylor
    Dr. Richard Arquilla
    Dr. Cathy Imhoff
    Ms. Karen Levay

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