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March 1995                                 Volume 3, No. 3


This is an electronic newsletter edited by the IUE Data Analysis Center (IUEDAC)intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates and project changes.

  • Are you using IUE data to help teach astronomy at the college level or in elementary, middle, or high school? Do you have a successful IDEA (Initiative to Develop Education through Astronomy) proposal using IUE data? We would like to know and also to offer our support. We would also like to help advertise the availability of IUE-related teaching materials and help with distribution. If you are working on a project or are interested in learning about what others are doing with IUE data, please contact Cathy Imhoff (301-794-1470, or cli

  • Because IUE now has two processing systems running, there has been some confusion about how current images (those recently obtained with IUE) are handled. Newly obtained images are still being processed with IUESIPS. We plan to continue to process new data with IUESIPS until the expected end of operations at the end of September 1995. There have been very few changes to IUESIPS in the last 5 years. The most recent change was an update of the wavelength calibration at both NASA and VILPSA on June 11, 1993. Changes prior to that date are given in a "Chronology of Modifications to IUESIPS Output Products: 1985-1993" in NASA IUE Newsletter No. 50. Now that NEWSIPS processing for the Final Archive of the SWP and LWP low dispersion data taken between 1978 and 1990 is essentially complete, the next dataset to be processed for the Final Archive will be the SWP low dispersion images taken between 1990 and 1995. The calibrations for this portion of the SWP low dispersion dataset will be available in about 2 weeks. The calibrations for the LWP low dispersion data taken between 1990 and 1995 will be available near the end of April, 1995. After the 1990-1995 low dispersion data are processed for the Final Archive, it is anticipated that the SWP high dispersion data will be processed. The LWR low dispersion data will require more effort for calibration due to the need for two different ITFs in the processing and unstable behavior of the detector during the first year of operation. The LWR low dispersion calibrations will be available near the end of summer, 1995. The NEWSIPS software package was distributed in January. The documentatio and electronic request form reside in an anonymous FTP account on the IUE node. Due to legal requirements, the software must be copied using a password that will be supplied upon receipt of the request form. cli & jn

  • IUE Image Processing Manuals
  • We have available copies of both the IUESIPS Image Processing Manual (Version 2.0) and the NEWSIPS Image Processing Manual (Version 1.0). Note that the NEWSIPS Manual was also published as NASA IUE Newsletter No. 53. Please contact Cathy Imhoff for copies.

  • IUE Atlases Available
  • We have two very useful IUE spectral atlases available on request. "IUE Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas" by C.-C. Wu et al. 1991, NASA IUE Newsletter, No. 43. Plots IUE spectra, tabulates fluxes for MK standard stars. "IUE Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas of Selected Astronomical Objects" by C.-C. Wu et al. 1992, NASA Ref. Publ. No. 1285 Plots IUE spectra, tabulates fluxes for planets, variable stars, galaxies, etc. "Atlas of O-Type Spectra From 1200 A to 1900 A", NASA Ref. Publ. 1155, by N. R. Walborn, J. Nichols-Bohlin, and R. J. Panek If you would like a copy or two, please contact Cathy Imhoff at or (301) 794-1470. Note that the "IUE Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas" by C.-C. Wu et al. 1991, NASA IUE Newsletter, No. 43. can be accessed online through the IUEDAC procedure STDSTARS. cli

  • Recent Software Changes:

    22-FEB The IUEDAC Users Tutorial has been revised and expanded, and has been renamed the IUEDAC Users Guide. Copies are now available by contacting the IUEDAC staff or via the anonymous ftp account on IUESN1. 23-FEB An error was discovered in the version of READMX implemented on Jan. 26th of this year which resulted in large aperture data being extracted from double aperture MXLO files, even when small aperture data was requested. The problem has been corrected in the new version. rwt

  • The sun_rdaf.tar.Z and ultrix_mipsel.tar.Z files in the anonymous ftp account on were updated on the 15th of March 1995. pjl


    For those users running or who plan to run Solaris 2 on their workstation a couple changes need to be made to the UNIX version of the IUEDAC software package. If you have a version of the IUEDAC IDL software obtained after October 1994, the procedure in your ./iuerdaf/iuelib/pro subdirectory is where the changes will need to be made. The pdelete command command should be changed from 'lpr -r ' to 'lp '. It does not appear that the remove after printing option is available. Similarly the printcmd should be changed from 'lpr ' to 'lp '. Hopefully when the software was installed, the correct print command(s) was(were) given in by the person installing the software. To check what the print command is, type print,! at the IDL prompt. If there is a second print option, type qms print,! at the IDL prompt. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. The value of !version.arch and !version.os are the same on SunOS and Solaris systems. This problem has been reported to RSI. pjl
    Editor: Dr. Michael Carini Contributors: Mr. Randy Thompson Dr. Tom Meylan Ms. Pat Lawton Ms. Lyla Taylor Dr. Cathy Imhoff Dr Joy Nichols

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    Dr. Michael Carini, Science Programs, Computer Sciences Corporation.

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