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May 1995                                 Volume 3, No. 5


This is an electronic newsletter edited by the IUE Data Analysis Center (IUEDAC)intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates and project changes.

  • IUE 19th EPISODE!!!!
  • NASA, ESA and PPARC are pleased to announce the 19th observing episode of the International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE). The 19th episode will place emphasis on key science programs, allocating time to those projects determined to produce important and lasting science. We estimate that approximately half of the available time will be awarded to key projects for the FULL year of observations. Time will also be allocated for moderate shift requests as well for the 19th episode if the science is determined to be important. The episode will start on or around 1 October 1995 and end 30 September 1996 for the NASA science program. ESA/PPARC is considering an extended mission beyond 30 September 1996, but it is very unlikely that NASA will participate in that phase of operations. Copies of the International Ultraviolet Explorer 19th episode proposal package are now available in the pub/proposal subdirectory of the anonymous ftp account on The proposal instruction package is available in either word perfect format (pip19.wpf) or ascii text format (pip19.txt). Associated files available in the same directory are described in the README file. The proposal package can also be accessed via the IUE Data Analysis Center home page on the World Wide Web and hardcopies are available from the IUE project by contacting Mona Drexler at (301) 286-7664 or As mentioned before, proposers should note important changes in the manner and mode the observatory will operate after 1 October 1995 due to a significant reconfiguration of the ground system that will be implemented in order to lower operations costs. Please note the following important dates concerning proposal submission:
    Proposal due dates:                       COB   22 May 1995
    IUE observing peer review:                        July 1995
    Proposal Selection and notification:              July 1995
    Approximate Beginning Date for 19th Episode: 1 October 1996.
    For more information please contact Dr. Donald West, IUE Operations Scientist at (301) 286-6901, or Dr. Andrew Michalitsianos (301) 286-6177, or by e-mail


  • The IUE Project wishes to update its statistics on the number of degrees which have been earned with studies using IUE data. If you or your students have earned degrees at any level where your study involved the use of IUE data, we would appreciate you sending the following information to us.
    The name of the person earning the degree.
    The degree.
    The institution from which the degree was earned.
    The year the degree was conferred.
    We are attempting to get as exhaustive of a list as possible, and will be sending this message out periodically over the next few months. Any help you can provide us to obtain this information will be greatly appreciated. You can send us this information by replying to the source of this email notice (, by calling (301) 286-7762, or by sending a note to:
    The IUE Project
    Degree Survey
    Code 684.9
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    Greenbelt, MD 20771


  • HOORAY! We have begun process Goddard SWP low-dispersion images taken after 1990. Note that we can process only images which are no longer proprietary; the image number cutoff is about SWP 52900 (December 1994). You are welcome to request specific images that you need for your research; they will be processed as soon as possible. The output files will be sent to NSSDC and made available through the NDADS system. Please use our new request procedure to insure that your request is handled promptly. There are 3 ways to send us a request.
    (1)  You can use the IUEDAC routine USRREQ.  Enter USRREQ,DUMMY 
    and you will be prompted for the input. 
    (2)  You can send a request from the World Wide Web.  If you 
    perform a search of the IUE Merged Log on the WEB, you 
    have the option to request NEWSIPS processing. The IUEDAC 
    homepage has a link to the request form, or you can go directly 
    to the Request form at 
    (3)  You can send a formatted e-mail message directly to, with the following (sample) format: 
    NAME          Joe Astronomer
    EMAIL_ADDRESS  (please use Internet format)
    PHONE         555-555-5555
    SPONSOR       University of Hard Knocks
    REPRT/PROCESS P                      (P = process, R = report)
    SWP12345L                            (don't forget the dispersion)
    Enter P to request processing under the keyword REPRT/PROCESS. Or you can try out our new report feature; enter R to request a status report on the images. In either case, you will receive an e-mail message back noting which images have already been processed, which are queued for processing, and which can't be processed at this time. Note that the keyword entries for NAME etc. start in column 15. Also please break up long requests into smaller ones, containing no more than 50 images per request. Sometimes images will be listed as not ready for processing. Feel free to contact Cathy Imhoff (, or 301-794-1470) for information about such images. Processing of the SWP and LWP low-dispersion Part 1 images (pre-1990) is essentially complete. Nearly all the data should now be available from the NDADS system for Goddard images. These data include SWP images up to image number 37929 and LWP images up to 17058. If you are not familiar with the procedures for retrieving data from NDADS, please contact the IUEDAC staff for help.


  • Subscriptions to the NASA IUE Newsletter
  • To subscribe to our printed newsletter or to correct your mailing address, please contact the IUE secretary Mona Drexler (, or 301-286-7664). Some back issues are also available from Mona.

  • IUE Image Processing Manuals
  • We have available copies of both the IUESIPS Image Processing Manual (Version 2.0) and the NEWSIPS Image Processing Manual (Version 1.0). Note that the NEWSIPS Manual was also published as NASA IUE Newsletter No. 53. Please contact Cathy Imhoff for copies.

  • IUE Atlases Available
  • NEW! We have two new IUE spectral atlases available on request.
    "IUE Atlas of B-Type Spectra from 1200 to 1900 A" 1995, 
       NASA Ref. Publ. No. 1363, by N. R. Walborn, J. W. Parker, 
       and J. S. Nichols
    "Spectral Classification with IUE: An Atlas of B-Type Spectra" 
        1993, NASA  Ref. Publ. 1312, by J. Roundtree and G. Sonneborn
    OLD! We still have these three very useful IUE spectral atlases available on request.
    "IUE Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas" by C.-C. Wu et al.
        1991, NASA IUE Newsletter, No. 43.
        Plots IUE spectra, tabulates fluxes for MK standard 
    "IUE Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas of Selected 
         Astronomical Objects" by C.-C. Wu et al.  1992, 
         NASA Ref. Publ. No. 1285 Plots IUE spectra, tabulates 
         fluxes for planets, variable stars, galaxies, etc. etc.
    "Atlas of O-Type Spectra From 1200 A to 1900 A", NASA 
         Ref. Publ. 1155, by N. R. Walborn, J. Nichols-Bohlin, 
         and R. J. Panek
    If you would like a copy or two, please contact Cathy Imhoff at or (301) 794-1470. Note that the "IUE Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas" by C.-C. Wu et al. 1991, NASA IUE Newsletter, No. 43. can be accessed online through the IUEDAC procedure STDSTARS.


  • Recent Software Changes:

    02-May  The following routines were implemented:
              IUESPEC - allows for flexible input file 
                        names (i.e., doesn't require 
                        standard "imaget" file names)
              READFILE - corrects error in optional 
                         isize parameter
              DATAREC - properly reads GO files on MACs 
                        and PCs
              RDAFTOGO - new routine for converting rdaf 
                         format files to IUE GO format
              IMFITS & EXTFITS - corrects error in wavelength 
                                 assignments when converting 
                                 iuesips files to FITS format
    05-May  A new version of USRREQ was implemented to allow 
            users to request reprocessing of post-1990 LWP 
            and SWP low dispersion images (using NEWSIPS), 
            and to determine the status of NEWSIPS reprocessing 
            requests. Use DOC_LIBRARY,'USRREQ' for more information.
    08-May  Obsolete data sets that were stored in 
            iue$user1:[iuerdaf.iuelib.dat] have been moved to 
            iue$user1:[iuerdaf.obsolete.dat]. All the moved
            files (and the IUEDAC routines which use them) were 
            rewritten to use FITS format. See a member of the 
            IUEDAC staff if any problems arise.
    12-May  A new version of NEWCALIB has been implemented 
            to support the calibration of post-1990 SWP low 
            dispersion spectra. This will allow routines such 
            as GEX, MGEX, and BOXCAR to extract calibrated
            fluxes from these images.
    12-May  A new routine called MPATH was implemented to allow 
            users to modify the IDL search path. Use DOC_LIBRARY 
            for more information.


  • The following files have been updated:
    Node          Location and Name of File                Updated
    IUE     iue$dkb0:[anonymous.iuedac]iuerdaf.bck       15 May 1995
    IUE     iue$dkb0:[anonymous.iuedac]experimental.bck  15 May 1995
    IUESN1  pub/software/sun_rdaf.tar.Z                   5 May 1995
    IUESN1  pub/software/ultrix_mipsel_rdaf.tar.Z         5 May 1995
    These files contain the implemented and experimental IDL programs used at the Data Analysis Center. They are available via anonymous FTP on the nodes indicated. There are readme files and registration forms available in the same directories; please don't forget to fill out a registration form and send it to Suzy Crabb. llt
    Editor:                       Dr. Michael Carini 
    Contributors:                 Mr. Randy Thompson  
                                  Dr. Tom Meylan
                                  Ms. Suzy Crabb
                                  Ms. Lyla Taylor
                                  Dr. Cathy Imhoff
                                  Dr. Andrew Michalitsianos
                                  Dr. Yoji Kondo 

    Web Curator:

    Dr. Michael Carini, Science Programs, Computer Sciences Corporation.

    Responsible NASA organization/official:

    Dr. Don West, IUE Operations Scientist.