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June 1995                                 Volume 3, No. 6


This is an electronic newsletter edited by the IUE Data Analysis Center (IUEDAC)intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates and project changes.

  • The IUEDAC has recently completed the transfer of all anonymous FTP and World Wide Web files to a new machine, The new machine, a Sparc 20, provides more file storage space and faster service than the Sun 4/280 it replaces. For anonymous FTP service, there are no changes other than the machine name; the directory structure and files available have been preserved. The WWW pages are slightly different, since we took advantage of the system change to clean up the directory structure. The following URL's replace those frequently used on iuesn1:
       IUE Project Home Page:
       IUE DAC:  
       IUE Operations:  
    The links on these pages point to the new locations of 
    the files available. If you have any trouble accessing 
    either the FTP or WWW files, feel free to  contact either 
    Jim Caplinger at or Dr. Michael
    Carini at


  • The response to our request for information on the number of degrees which have been earned with studies using IUE data has been fantastic. Thank you to all those who have already responded. If you have not yet responded, and if you or your students have earned degrees at any level where your study involved the use of IUE data, we would appreciate you sending the following information to us.
    The name of the person earning the degree.
    The degree.
    The institution from which the degree was earned.
    The year the degree was conferred.
    We are attempting to get as exhaustive of a list as possible, and will be sending this message out periodically over the next few months. Any help you can provide us to obtain this information will be greatly appreciated. You can send us this information by replying to the source of this email notice (, by calling (301) 286-7762, or by sending a note to:
    The IUE Project
    Degree Survey
    Code 684.9
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    Greenbelt, MD 20771


  • The IUEDAC online archive of IUE low dispersion standard star spectra (as described by Wu et al in IUE Newsletters #22 and #43) is being updated to include the corresponding NEWSIPS-processed MXLO files. The NEWSIPS data will be particularly useful for users who need to determine spectral types of NEWSIPS-processed spectra. Approximately 75% of the 468 LWP and SWP spectra have now been loaded. The LWR files, and the remaining LWP and SWP MXLO files, will be added as they become available. Two IDL routines have been modified to allow users to locate and display both iuesips and newsips standard star spectra. STDSFILE lists the available images for a given spectral type. For example, STDSFILE,FLIST,'B3',/NEWSIPS will store the names of all NEWSIPS standard star spectra of spectral type "B3" in string array FLIST. RDSTDS will read and extract the data from the specified input file (e.g., RDSTDS,FLIST(0),H,W,F,NU will extract the data from the first "B3" file returned in the STDSFILE example above.) The online archive is also useful for users simply interested in comparing IUESIPS and NEWSIPS low dispersion spectra.


  • Recent Software Changes:

    18-May  A new version of IUEFETCH was implemented which 
            properly reads SAV files containing vectors with 
            more than 32,767 points. 
    23-May  New experimental routines now available:
             MOLG - A non-menu-driven merged log search routine 
                    which allows searches based on a list of camera 
                    and image numbers.
             GETSPEC - A binary table FITS reader particularly suited 
                       for reading output files from GEX, MGEX, 
                       and BOXCAR routines.
             LISTCORR - Lists possible corrections needed for 
                        particular IUESIPS files based on entries 
                        found in record 0. 
    23-May  New versions of PLATFORM and PLOTPRINT were implemented 
            to allow Mac and PC IDL users to produce postscript 
            plot files even though a printer may not be defined. 
            A new version of IUELIB was also implemented to properly 
            format plot files on PC's. 
    25-May  All the currently available final archive MXLO files 
            for SWP & LWP low dispersion standard star spectra 
            have been added to the online IUEDAC standard star 
            library in !iuer.stds. New versions of the routines 
            RDSTDS & STDSFILE have been added to the experimental 
            library to assist users in accessing the new files.
    25-May  A new routine called FES2V has been added to the 
            experimental library for converting FES counts to 
            visual magnitudes.
    08-Jun  The IUE merged observing log has been updated. 
            Goddard entries through May 5th are now included.


  • The IUE Merged Observing Log has been updated; it now includes Goddard entries through 5 May 1995. It may be retrieved via anonymous FTP:
    Node    Version    Location                 File
    iue     vms        [anonymous.iuedac]      database.bck
    cocoa   unix       pub/software            sun_mergelog.tar.Z
    cocoa   ultrix     pub/software            ultrix_mergelog.tar.Z

    sbc, rwt, llt

  • As many of you know, you are welcome to request specific images that you need for your research. They will be processed through NEWSIPS as soon as possible. The output files will be sent to NSSDC and made available through the NDADS system. Please use our new request procedure to insure that your request is handled quickly. There are 3 ways to send us a request. (1) You can use the IUEDAC routine USRREQ. Enter USRREQ,DUMMY and you will be prompted for the input. (2) You can send a request from the IUEDAC World Wide Web homepage listed at the beginning of this newsletter. If you perform a search of the Merged Log, you have the option to request NEWSIPS processing. Or you can go directly to the URL at: (3) You can send a formatted e-mail message directly to, with the following (sample) format:
    NAME          Joe Astronomer
    EMAIL_ADDRESS    (please use Internet format)
    PHONE         555-555-5555
    SPONSOR       University of Hard Knocks
    REPRT/PROCESS P                        (P = process, R = report)
    SWP12345L                              (don't forget the dispersion)
    LWP09876L                              (use 5 digit numbers)
    Note that the keyword entries for NAME etc. start in 
    column 15. Also please break up long requests into 
    smaller ones, containing no more than 50 images per
    Enter P to request processing under the keyword REPRT/PROCESS.  
    Or you can try out our new report feature; enter R to 
    request a status report on the images. 
    In either case, you will receive an e-mail message back. 
    Some images may be listed as already processed; an 
    asterisk indicates ones that are available from NDADS. 
    If you requested processing, the report will then list 
    the images that have been queued for priority processing.  
    If you requested a report, it will list the images that 
    are queued for processing (both priority and non-priority). 
    Sometimes images will be listed as not ready for processing.  
    This may be because some information is still needed to 
    properly process the image.  Or the image may fall in a 
    data set (such as high dispersion, or LWR images)
    that we can't process yet.  
    Finally VILSPA images will be listed.  We are generally 
    not processing VILSPA images, due to the increased workload 
    that would be required. 
    If you have requested processing, you will receive another 
    e-mail message when your priority processed images have 
    been completed. 
    If we are unable to process an image when you submit your 
    request, you will need to re-request it at a later date.  
    It is not possible for us to retain and resubmit all the 
    requests we have received.
    Feel free to contact Cathy Imhoff (, 
    or 301-794-1470) for further information about your requests.
    Processing of the SWP and LWP low-dispersion Part 1 images 
    (pre-1990) is essentially complete.  Nearly all the data 
    should now be available from the NDADS system for Goddard 
    images.  These data include SWP images up to image
    number 37929 and LWP images up to 17058.  We are now 
    processing Goddard SWP low dispersion images taken after 1990.
    If you are not familiar with the procedures for retrieving 
    data from NDADS, please contact the IUEDAC staff for help. 

    Editor:                    Dr. Michael Carini 
    Contributors:              Mr. Randy Thompson  
                               Dr. Tom Meylan
                               Ms. Suzy Crabb
                               Ms. Lyla Taylor
                               Dr. Cathy Imhoff
                               Dr. Andrew Michalitsianos
                               Dr. Yoji Kondo 
                               Mr. Jim Caplinger

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