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September 1995                               Volume 3, No. 8


This is an electronic newsletter edited by the IUE Data Analysis Center (IUEDAC)intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates and project changes.


  • In recognition of 17 years and 8 months of extraordinary service to the astronomical community and the successful efforts to streamline ground operations, Drs. Joe Rothenberg, Director of the Goddard Space Flight Center, Daniel W. Weedman, Director of the Astrophysics Division at NASA, and Yoji Kondo, IUE Project Scientist, will acknowledge the unique role of this first All- Guest-Observatory satellite facility in a formal ceremony of appre- ciation. We at NASA hope that you can join us in person to acknowledge this special achievement. The proceedings will be held at Goddard Space Flight Center (the home of IUE), Building 21 Room 183, on Friday, 29 September 1995 at 11 am.

    The International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) project "keeps on going" in the continuing spirit of the little satellite that could. The project has reconfigured its science and satellite operations to reduce costs. On 30 September 1995, the US IUE team will turn over science operations to the ESA ground station at Villafranca, where the ESA/PPARC teams will continue to con- duct astronomical observations on behalf of the international astronomical community. The US team will provide streamlined support for satellite operations and will continue their task to complete the IUE Final Archive that contains over 100,000 ultraviolet spectra.

    If you plan to be with us for this event, please send us a quick message by email so we can plan for your attendance. If you cannot be with us in person, you are cordially invited to send your messages expressing your sentiments for a job more-than-well done to the following electronic mail address.

  • Recent System Changes:

        9/1/95  - IDL 4.0.1 was installed as "IDL". "IDLV2" and 
                  "IUERDAF" currently still point to IDL 3.6.

    Recent Software Changes:

    22-Aug  The following routines from the experimental library 
            were implemented:
             kurget     correct error in model spacing
             kplist     command line search routine for kandp
             kurget1    corrected for variable spacing of high 
                        Temp models
             iuelib     adjust !y.margin for PCs
             ipinfo     correct errors when dir = 'NA'
             ipi_lisi   change search for NEWSIPS processing 
             dosplat    set dir = 'NA' for PCs
             platform   define win32 like windows (for IDL 4.0)
             ifitswrt   allow comments & new input parameter 
             nsplot     allow modifying plot titles
             convert    doesn't require standard iuedac file 
             unred      added tabfile keyword
             fes2v      converts fes counts to visual magnitudes
             stdsfile   supports newsips standard star spectra
             rdstds     extracts data from newsips standard star 
             mlog       a non menu-driven merged log search 
             clog       a non menu-driven copernicus data-base 
                        search routine
             alias      subroutine of clog for accessing ALIAS 
                        database table
    25-Aug   A new version of kurget1 was implemented which 
             correctly handles the variable spacing of Kurucz 
             models at high temperatures.
    11-Sep   A bug was corrected in the implemented version of 



    As the IUE 18th episode draws to an end, so does our processing of IUE images through IUESIPS. As of the beginning of September, NO MORE REPROCESSING OF ARCHIVAL IUE DATA WILL BE PERFORMED USING IUESIPS. Note that this affects IUESIPS only. The reprocessing of archival data through NEWSIPS to create the IUE Final Archive will continue. We will process the requests in hand, and of course all 18th episode NASA data taken through the end of September. Since we have received very few requests for archival IUESIPS processing, we don't expect this to affect our Guest Observers. However, if you believe that this will be a severe problem for your research, please contact us as soon as possible.


    Over the last several weeks, we accumulated a large backlog of images to be processed through IUESIPS, largely due to problems with our ancient image display device. The IPC staff have been working hard to reduce the backlog. At present the backlog is equal to about 1 weeks worth of processing. If you have any questions about your recent images, please contact Cathy Imhoff (301-794-1470 or


    VILSPA will be processing all 19th episode data.


    We are now processing LWP low-dispersion images taken after 1990. We should complete the available images in the next two or three weeks. VILSPA has finished processing their SWP and LWP low-dispersion images taken before 1990. We have received a shipment of LWP tapes, and NSSDC will be working on adding the data to the NDADS system. We will announce when the data become available.


  • After all the 18th episode data acquired at the IUE GSFC observing station has been processed and distributed to the appropriate IUE Guest Observers, the functions of the IUE Data Management Center will be merged with other areas as appropriate and the DMC will cease to exist. Any questions that would have normally been addressed to the DMC can still be sent to Karen Levay 301-794-1440 or GSFC is no longer rehabbing 9-track tapes for reuse. Due to lack of funds the IUE Project is no longer able to pay for tapes to be returned to GSFC. Therefore, Guest Observers are encouraged to find appropriate ways to reuse the 9-track tapes at their home institutions.


  • The IUE Data Analysis Center has VMS Backup tapes for its USER accounts dating back to 1988. Those older than September 1994 are 9-track tapes. We are planning to discard these old 9-track tapes in December (1995). Users who want their files restored from these tapes should contact us before that time. This pertains only to accounts USER1 through USER60 at the times that these accounts were recycled (i.e., backed up and then cleared for disposition to new users).


  • Anyone wish to hazard a guess on what IUE's odometer is reading these days?

    If you consider just the spacecraft's orbit around the Earth since launch, IUE has travelled almost 11 A.U. - about 1 billion miles!

    If you include the motion of the Earth and IUE around the Sun, you can add in another 110 A.U.


    Editor:    Dr. Michael Carini 
    Contributors:    Mr. Randy Thompson  
                     Ms. Lyla Taylor
                     Dr. Cathy Imhoff
                     Ms. Karen Levay

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