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October 1995                               Volume 3, No. 9


This is an electronic newsletter edited by the IUE Data Analysis Center (IUEDAC) intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates and project changes.

  • On 30 September, 1995, the US Science operations team turned over IUE science operations to the ESA ground station at Villafranca. The ESA/PPRC IUE team will conduct 19th episode science operations from Villafranca for 16 hours a day. During the remaining 8 hours a skeleton IUE OCC crew monitors the spacecraft. US guest observers are encouraged to interface directly will VILSPA staff concerning their 19th episode programs. VILSPA maintains a WWW homepage dedicated to the 19th epsiode which can be found at . However, the NASA IUE project is also maintaining a limited level of guest investigator support. Dr. Richard Arquilla (arquilla@iuedac.gsfc.nasa. gov), who served as the IUE science operations supervisor and an IUE resident astronomer for over 9 years, is now acting as a contact point for 19th episode guest observers. However, we are encouraging observers to contact the VILSPA staff member assigned to their program if at all possible. The end of US science operations does not mean the end of the NASA IUE project. Work continues on the final archive and the IUEDAC continues to provide users with expert advice and assistance on the reduction and analysis of IUE data. We will continue to update users on the status of the IUE final archive and the IUEDAC via this newsletter.


  • Recent System Changes:

       10/02/95 - "IUERDAF" points to IDL 4.0.1

    Recent Software Changes:

    20-Sep   New versions of IDFILE, VICAR, and DATEREC have been 
             added to the experimental library which allow GO format 
             files from a unix-based computer system to be read on a 
             VMS computer. 
    21-Sep   A bug in IDBFINDE was corrected to allow the last entry 
             in a database table to be properly located.
    22-Sep   The IUE merged observing log has been updated. Goddard 
             entries through Aug. 16th are now included.
    02-Oct   The IUERDAF command has been modified to execute 
             IDL 4.0.1 (instead of IDL 3.6). The batch command 
             files for COMPRESS and GEX were also modified to 
             call IDL instead of IDLV2.
    04-Oct  The following routines from the experimental library 
            were implemented:
             newcalib - includes calibrations for LWP set 2 
                        low dispersion spectra
             gotordaf - allows imaget to be an array & includes 
                        /noquota option
             vicar - supports fixed length record GO files
             datarec - supports fixed length record GO files
             idfile - supports fixed length record GO files
             ifitsrd - extracts up to 20 (rather than 17) fields
                       from a FITS table
    NOTICE: As of October 2nd, the IDLV2 symbol, which points to 
            IDL 3.6 on IUE, will be deleted and replaced with the 
            symbol IDL. The IDL symbol, as well as the IUERDAF 
            logical, will both execute IDL 4.0.1. 



    The IPC staff have now processed all the remaining NASA current (newly obtained) images and all remaining archival reprocessing images. Nearly all of the GO tapes have been shipped out. If you are missing any data or have questions about your IUESIPS processing or GO tape shipments, please contact us (Cathy Imhoff, IUESIPS processing,, or Karen Levay, GO tape shipments,


    The IPC has now processed virtually all of the available NASA SWP and LWP low dispersion data. Data which are still proprietary have not yet been processed through NEWSIPS, but this will be done as data become publicly accessible. Some images have not been processed because of missing database information or other problems. We are currently working on getting those images taken care of and processed. If you need images that seem unavailable, please contact Cathy Imhoff (301-794-1470, or She can check on them and in many cases fix the problem so that the images can be processed. Please note that some data have been processed and delivered to NSSDC, but are not yet available from NDADS. NSSDC is working on getting that data online.


  • The IUE Data Analysis Center has VMS Backup tapes for its USER accounts dating back to 1988. Those older than September 1994 are 9-track tapes. We are planning to discard these old 9-track tapes in December (1995). Users who want their files restored from these tapes should contact us before that time. This pertains only to accounts USER1 through USER60 at the times that these accounts were recycled (i.e., backed up and then cleared for disposition to new users).


  • It was expected from the very beginning of the IUE project that the archival value of the data obtained with IUE would be very high. This expectation has been borne out fully. The average IUE Archive data retrieval rate is some 61,000 spectra per year. This compares with a new data collection rate of 5,500 spectra per year. Considering that the demand for observing time still exceeds the available time by a factor of 3, it is clear that the IUE Archive is an important source of data. The IUE ULDA/USSP (Uniform Low Dispersion Archive/ULDA Support Software Package) was developed by ESA to make IUE low resolution spectra available in a way which would not involve project staff and simplify consulting IUE data. It continues to support some 47% of all data retrieval from the IUE Project. At the ESA IUE Observatory the ULDA/USSP is an integral part of the archival data distribution system in which National Hosts play an important role. Pioneering remote de- archiving, the ULDA/USSP has fulfilled an existing need in the access to IUE Data. The low resolution data set was chosen since it represented a data set excellently suitable for remote de-archiving, and at the same time not overloading the facilities available in 1987 at the National Host Institutes. Currently 24 National Hosts participate in the ULDA/USSP system and serve the need for IUE data of scientists in 27 countries. New hosts continue to be integrated easily and regularly. The subset of the IUE Archive contained in the ULDA and accessible through the USSP, consists of the low resolution IUE spectra in a form directly applicable to all modern Scientific Analysis techniques. Version 4.0 of the ULDA/USSP has been released in February 1993 and contains all -98.7% complete- low resolution spectra obtained with IUE before January 1st, 1992 (54,200 spectra). The details of the construction of the ULDA and the design of the USSP can be found in Wamsteker et al. (Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series, Vol. 79, pg. 1-10, 1989) and in ESA IUE Newsletter#30, which also contains a Users Guide. The quantity of data in the IUE Archive is sufficiently large that it is not necessarily simple to address the data efficiently in the context of an astrophysical problem, even though access to the data is extremely easy. The purpose of the series of ULDA Access Guides is: To facilitate the use of the IUE Archive for scientists with a specific astrophysical problem in mind. The series of ULDA/USSP Access Guides consists of a number of subject- oriented books, for which a specialist in the field has been invited to take the scientific responsibility. The series is being build up gradually with the purpose to supply a complete set of Access guides by the time the IUEFA is finished. A further redistribution on more modern media is under consideration. In the case this will be done it is expected to update the contents to include the most recent status of the IUE Archive. Previous issues of the IUE-ULDA Access Guides: (Series editor: W. Wamsteker) No.1 ESA SP 1114 C. la Dous : Dwarf Novae and Nova-like Stars. No.2 ESA SP 1134 M. Festou : Comets. No.3 ESA SP 1152 G. Longo, M.Capaccioli : Normal Galaxies. No.4 ESA SP 1153 (Vol. A &B) T.J.-L. Courvoisier, S. Paltini: Active Galactic Nuclei. No.5 ESA SP 1181 (Vol. I & II) C. la Dous, A. Gimenez : Chromospherically Active Binary Stars. No.6 ESA SP 1189 E. Cappellaro, M. Turatto, J. Fernley: Supernovae A limited number of copies are still available. Copies of the IUE-ULDA Access Guides can be obtained for a nominal charge from: ESA Publications Division c/o ESTEC (att: F. de Zwaan) Keplerlaan 1 P.O. Box 299 2200 AG Noordwijk, the Netherlands FAX: +31-71-5655433 Electronic address: FDEZWAAN@VMPROFS.ESTEC.ESA.NL ww
    Editor:        Dr. Michael Carini 
    Contributors:  Mr. Randy Thompson  
                   Ms. Lyla Taylor
                   Dr. Cathy Imhoff
                   Dr. Richard Arquilla
                   Dr. Willem Wamsteker

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