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July 1996                                   Volume 4, No. 5


This is an electronic newsletter, edited by Terry Teays, primarily intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates, as well as let them know about news relating to the IUE project in general.

Internet Node Number Changes for IUE Machines

The Goddard Laboratory for Astronomy and Space Physics, which maintains the Internet backbone serving several IUE computers, changed the numeric IP addresses for many of its systems. and now have new addresses:
These new addresses have been updated on the local nameservers, so those who use the machine names for telnet and ftp shouldn't have any problems reaching these systems. If you do have trouble, try using the numeric address instead. You may need to inform your local system manager to verify that any local nameserver tables have been updated. Please contact Jim Caplinger at 301-286-7762 or staff@ if you have any questions. Although the project doesn't have direct control over the nameservers, we will pass your message to the appropriate Lab personnel to try to resolve the problem.

- Jim Caplinger

Education Outreach Section Added to IUE Home Page

Check out the IUE Project homepage ( We've added a section on Educational Outreach. The first additions are a reproduction of the poster that we presented at the Madison AAS on the IUE Education Project and a related article in Goddard News. In the future we will be adding reports on our other ongoing education efforts.

- Terry Teays

Recent IUEDAC Software Changes

New versions of the NEWSIPS FITS reading routines readri, readli, readsi, and readmx were implemented. The new versions will allow data from all cameras and both dispersions to be extracted.
A new version of feature was added to the experimental library which allows wavelength vectors to be monotonically decreasing (as found in some HST data).
A new version of boxcar was added to the experimental library which allows background fluxes to be derived from specific rows of a SILO file.
A new version of iuespec was added to the experimental library which supports files with incorrect camera numbers in record 0.
Internet addresses for LASP nodes changed from to The new address for node IUE is

- Randy Thompson

IUE Image Processing News


We have continued to process NASA SWP and LWP low dispersion data as they have become available. Out of over 38,000 images, 91 percent have been processed and are available from the NDADS system.

A small number of images remain unprocessed while some missing data base information related to that image is being tracked down or due to some other problems with the image that have to be resolved. We are currently working on getting those images taken care of and processed. If you need images that seem unavailable, please contact Cathy Imhoff (301-794-1470, or She can check on them and in many cases fix the problem so that the images can be processed for you.

We have a preliminary production version of the SWP high-dispersion processing software up and running. We are still testing and updating, but stay tuned for further developments!


We have copies of the NEWSIPS Processing Information Manual available (describing SWP and LWP low dispersion). We also have copies of the IUE Spectral Atlas, published as NASA IUE Newsletter No. 43. Please contact Cathy Imhoff if you would like a copy.

- Cathy Imhoff

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