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August 1996                                 Volume 4, No. 6


NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

This is an electronic newsletter, edited by Terry Teays, primarily intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates, as well as let them know about news relating to the IUE project in general.

IUE Image Processing News

IUESIPS and NEWSIPS Wavelengths

Are you interested in getting very accurate wavelengths in high-dispersion IUE data? Don't forget that there has been a long-standing small error in the IUESIPS high-dispersion wavelength scale. This is due to an out-of-date set of spacecraft orbital elements used to compute the small (< 4 km/sec) correction for spacecraft velocity to the heliocentric scale. The IUEDAC has a routine, iuevel, which allows you to correct this. An article by Lyla Taylor (NASA IUE Newsletter No. 50, pg. 2, 1993) describes the problem and how to correct it.

You may recall that in the IUESIPS data, we followed the convention of giving vacuum wavelengths for < 2000 Å and air for > 2000 Å. However in NEWSIPS, we are giving ALL wavelengths in vacuum. This convention was proposed to and accepted by the I.A.U. to simplify the handling of space-based data.

- Cathy Imhoff

Recent IUEDAC Software Changes

New experimental programs (used by search):
fixes display format problem affecting solaris operating systems
allows epoch to be recognized when entered after coordinates are specified
A new version of iuefx is now available in the experimental library which allows unix users to specify a different user name for transferring files.
The experimental versions of isview and ismenu4 described above have been implemented.
An experimental version of crscor is available which allows users to request hardcopies of, and add comments to, the final plot display.
The IUE orbital elements table was updated to include entries up to the end of July, 1996.
An experimental version of readri is available which is compatible with the new FITS format to be used for shifted partial-read raw image NEWSIPS files.

- Randy Thompson

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