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September 1996                              Volume 4, No. 7


NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

This is an electronic newsletter, edited by Terry Teays, primarily intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates, as well as let them know about news relating to the IUE project in general.

Recent IUEDAC Changes

An experimental version of crscor is available which allows users to request hardcopies of, and add comments to, the final plot display.
The IUE orbital elements table has been updated to include entries up to the end of July, 1996.
An experimental version of readri is available which is compatible with the new FITS format to be used for shifted partial-read raw image NEWSIPS files.
The IUE merged observing log was updated. 19th episode and revised Goddard entries up to July 1st are included.
A new version of usrreq is available in the experimental library which allows images for all cameras and both dispersions to be requested. (Note however that not all cameras and dispersions can be requested at this time.)

- Randy Thompson

Distribution List Updated

The electronic newsletter distribution list has been overhauled, and we should have eliminated the duplicate listings.

- Terry Teays

IUE Retirement Party

Plans are afoot for an IUE retirement party at the end of the month. You should have received some specific details via a separate emailing.

- Terry Teays

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Mr. James R. Caplinger, Computer Sciences Corporation

Responsible NASA Organization/Official

Dr. Don West, IUE Operations Scientist