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IUE Project Electronic Newsletter

NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

Vol. 5, No. 2 - February 1997

IUEDAC Software Changes

The stsflag.txt file in the [.manuals] subdirectory which contains the NEWSIPS Status Flag definitions has been updated.
A new version of coadd was added to the experimental library which allows the coadding of FITS files generated by the gex and boxcar routines.
A new version of readmx was added to the experimental library which allows the option of preserving uncalibrated data points in the output vectors.
New versions of uixplat and platform were added to the experimental library which allow the IUEDAC software to run on DEC Unix systems.
New versions of ifitsrd and iue3drow were added to the experimental library to allow fields from a FITS binary table extension to be stored as a single IDL structure or, when multiple rows are read, as an array of structures. (The previous version could only store binary table fields as separate parameters.)
- Randy Thompson

IUE Image Processing News

NEWSIPS High Dispersion Processing Status

We have now processed 92% of the NASA SWP high-dispersion images through the NEWSIPS system. The remaining images include about 3% with incomplete database information while the rest are calibration and engineering images.

The capability to process LWP and LWR high dispersion images will be coming on line over the next few months. Stay tuned for further developments!

NEWSIPS Status For Low Dispersion Images

We expect to start processing LWR low dispersion images within the next couple of weeks.

You are welcome to send us a list of your favorite images to priority process. There is a NEWSIPS user request Web page at Your request goes into a semi-automated system, which will send you email reports on the status of the processing. The data may be retrieved from the NDADS system once it has been archived, usually just a few days after it has been processed.


We have copies of the NEWSIPS Processing Information Manual available (describing SWP and LWP low dispersion). We also have copies of the IUE Spectral Atlas, published as NASA IUE Newsletter No. 43, and some back issues of additional newsletters. Please contact Cathy Imhoff ( if you would like a copy.

- Cathy Imhoff

Information Requested

The IUE project is very grateful to the many people involved with NEWSIPS. NEWSIPS has had many new algorithms developed and has undergone extensive testing. However, we are not perfect. Therefore, we would appreciate knowing about any suspected discrepancies, errors, data retrieval problems, or other anomalies with NEWSIPS while we still have an opportunity to investigate, resolve, and document problems. Please send the information to Cathy Imhoff ( or Ron Oliversen (

- Ron Oliversen

The IUE Electronic Newsletter, edited by James Caplinger, is primarily intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates, as well as let them know about news relating to the IUE project in general. If you want your name to be added to, deleted from, or changed on our distribution list, please send us e-mail to

or send a postcard to:

IUE Data Analysis Center (IUEDAC)
Code 684.9, NASA-GSFC
Greenbelt, MD 20771

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Mr. James R. Caplinger, Computer Sciences Corporation

Responsible NASA Organization/Official

Dr. Don West, IUE Operations Scientist