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IUE Project Electronic Newsletter

NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

Vol. 5, No. 9a - September 1997

Corrupted IUE Data Now Replaced

All IUE data archived between June 8 and July 27, 1997, some portion of which was corrupted during the archival process, have been restored from good copies of the data. (Exceptions to this are the Vector Displacement files, which are not going to be replaced.) In the process, the sensitivity degradation was correctly applied for the LWP high dispersion extracted files that were archived during that time. The sensitivity degradation will be corrected for remaining LWP and LWR high dispersion extracted files and rearchived during the next 2 weeks.

Preliminary tests on files read from NDADS between June 8 and July 27, 1997, but which were not archived during that time, have found NO corrupted data. These preliminary tests suggest that data retrieved from NDADS during that window were not corrupted during the read process.

If you have any question concerning this problem please feel free to contact met at

- Karen Levay

IUE Image Processing News

Status of NEWSIPS Processing

Out of a total of over 71,000 NASA images, we have only about 1500 more to process to complete the IUE Final Archive. These images will be processed and archived over the next two weeks.

VILSPA is continuing to process their images. Their projected completion date is in early 1998. We are placing the VILSPA processed images into the NDADS archive as they are received.

No More Priority Processing

Since we have nearly completed the archive, it doesn't make sense to continue to handle priority processing requests from users. All the remaining images are high priority! As a result, we will no longer accept NEWSIPS priority processing requests and reports as of September 29, 1997.


If you have questions about the status of particular NASA images or anything else related to the IUE Final Archive, please contact Cathy Imhoff. The IUEGTC computer will be shut down in the next couple of weeks, so please address email to Cathy at We expect to have new email addresses at STScI in the near future.

- Cathy Imhoff

The IUE Electronic Newsletter, edited by James Caplinger, is primarily intended to inform the numerous remote and local users of the IUEDAC software of recent software updates, as well as let them know about news relating to the IUE project in general. If you want your name to be added to, deleted from, or changed on our distribution list, please send us e-mail to

or send a postcard to:

IUE Data Analysis Center (IUEDAC)
Code 686.9, NASA-GSFC
Greenbelt, MD 20771

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Mr. James R. Caplinger, Computer Sciences Corporation

Responsible NASA Organization/Official

Dr. Don West, IUE Operations Scientist