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User Specified Search Field

You may now search on any column in the mission database. Select the field you wish to search on and type in the qualification. NOTE that if you choose a field in BOTH the form and in the User Option field, then you may not get results or the result you expect.

In the table below is a list of all the column names available for search. Where reasonable a range or set of vali d values is listed. Additional useful notes are included. If you click on the field name, a more detailed descrip tion of the data will be found.

ColumnData TypeValid ValuesNotes
Dec (J2000) Float Decimal Degrees Range -90 to +90 deg For user specified search, must be decimal degrees
Detector Character U1, U2 U1 detector covers the 710-1500 A range at 0.05 A resolution
U2 covers 750-1645 A at 0.2 A resolution
End Scan Integer Range: 1 to 20436  
Filename Character Examples: C535-018.UU1, C535-010.BU1, C551-001.U2  
Max Wavelength (A) Float Range: 711.75 to 2357.82  
Min Wavelength (A) Float Range: 711.37 to 2357.75  
Object Class Integer Range: 1 to 83 Based on IUE Classification System
Points Integer Range: 3 to 8913  
RA (J2000) Float Range: 0 to 360 deg For user specified search, must be decimal degrees
Start Time Date Range: Aug 27, 1972 to February 15, 1981  
Target Name Character Examples: M15, 31 PEG, GAMMA CAS  
Scans Integer Range 1 to 297  
Start Scan Integer Range: 1 to 20231