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The Iota Herculis Spectral Atlas

[Iota Her Sample Spectrum]

The primary reference for the Copernicus Spectral Atlas of Iota Hercules is Upson, Walter L. and Rogerson, J. B., (1980ApJS...42..175U). The summary information that follows is taken from that reference.

The observations obtained to construct this atlas were obtained primarily during the periods between 1974 July 11 and September 12. The spectral atlas covers wavelengths from 993.3 Å to 1422.2 Å (second order) and 1417.9 Å to 1467.7 Å (first order), with a spectral resolution of 0.1 Å in first order and 0.05 Å in second order. The scans were made in the U1 detector. A complete description of the Copernicus science instrument may be found in Rogerson et al. (1973ApJ...181L..97R).

Wavelengths were corrected for Doppler shifts due to (a) the heliocentric radial velocity of Iota Her, (b) the Earth's heliocentric velocity in the direction of Iota Her, and (c) the component of the satellite geocentric orbital velocity in the direction of Iota Her. The counts from the source were corrected for counts due to cosmic rays and trapped charge particles, guiding errors and scattered light within the spectrometer. No correction was made for the wavelength variations in the spectrometer sensitivity.

The atlas is a compilation of 29 separate scans of specific spectral regions. There are a total of two files relating to the Iota Her Spectral Atlas. File 1 is the 2nd order spectrum and file 2 is the first order spectrum.


iotaher1.fts  20089     6      999.334  1430.177   2nd order
iotaher2.fts    945     6     1417.849  1467.682   1st order