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EUVE All-Sky Survey Results

The EUVE all-sky survey detected 734 objects (Bowyer et al. 1996). The EUVE source list has been expanded by correlating EUVE all-sky survey detections from the Lexan bandpass centered at 100 Å with ROSAT PSPC detections Lampton et al. 1997 thus raising the number of EUVE sources to nearly 1000. The telescopes that performed the all-sky survey continue to take data at right angles to the Deep Survey/Specrtrometer instruments. Observations taken this way has become known as the "Right Angle Program". The first RAP catalog McDonald et al. 1994 presented 114 sources, 99 of which were new EUV detections. These detections were incorporated in Table 3 of the Bowyer et al. 1996 paper. The 2nd RAP catalog Christian et al. 1999 presented 261 EUVE detections, of which 169 were new detections. The 3rd RAP catalog presented 63 new sources (Christian 2002). These catalogs combine to bring the total number of EUVE photometric detections (in the Lexan band) to nearly 1200 and these sources are shown below in an all-sky plot in Galactic coordinates. The EUVE and ROSAT WFC surveys (Pye et al. 1995) have shown the brightest EUV sources to be: hot white dwarfs, active and nearby late-type stars, cataclysmic variables, and various types of active galactic nuclei. click here for an ascii file of this data

All-Sky Survey Data

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  • EUVE Survey Information at SKYVIEW

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