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FAQ Help


Welcome to the MAST Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) help page. If you don't see an answer to your question, or have suggestions for adding new FAQs, please contact the archive help desk at the e-mail address shown at the bottom right of this page.

The FAQ links on the various mission pages will display all the FAQs specific to that mission. A form shown at the top of the FAQ page however will allow FAQs from other missions and/or specific categories to be displayed. To use the form, simply select the mission and/or category from the menu list and click "GO".

This entry specifies the mission for which to view FAQs. Note that for some missions, the MAST pages simply link to FAQ pages maintained at remote sites and will therefore have a different appearance and format. This currently applies to FUSE, VLA-FIRST, and ROSAT. MAST FAQs currently exist for the remaining MAST-supported missions. A general FAQ page also exists for MAST itself.

If a category follows the mission name separated by a "/", only the FAQ's for that particular category will be displayed. If only the mission name is selected, all the missions FAQs will be displayed.