Subject: reviews of web sites

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Subject: reviews of web sites
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The uniform interface and navigation for the different missions/catalogs
is nice.
I liked the single target cross correlation search.
Note that I searched on NGC1275 and found only HST and UIT data,
but  there is ROSAT data also - the direct search in ROSAT
turned up 9 data sets. So it looks like some catalogs are not yet
included in the cross correlation search ?
The MAST/AGN cross correlation only returns objects for which there is
MAST data. It would also be good to get a list of the initial cut
in the AGN catalog (ie before the cross correlation is done).
Getting input back from the AGN cross correlation took a long time.
Mast is good for figuring out what data there is, and whether it is worth
retrieving, and then allowing you to get it easily. It would be useful to
add more datasets/catalogs, e.g., IRAS, NVSS, SUMSS.
However if all you want is a list of fluxes of specific objects from different
catalogs, you can't get it with Mast.


Skyview seemed slow when I accessed it.
While Mast shows individual datasets, skyview shows mosaics of
larger parts of the sky. Skyview also allows down loading the
mosaic images. Skyview includes mainly data from large surveys.
Data from pointed observations (e.g., HST) are not present.
It allows overlays of catalogs on the images. But there is no access to
values in the catalogs.  Skyview seems like it would be useful
for planning observations and for generating pretty slides.
There is no cross correlation facility. I did not try the X-windows


Vizier allows access to an extremely large list of catalogs.
It allows you to select catalogs with different wavelength bands
and types of objects.
You can input a target and it gives you the entries from all the catalogs
which match the target (or are within some specified radius).
Vizier just dumps the catalog data - which can be very heterogeneous, --
some catalogs just contain positions, others contain fluxes.
It would be more useful to allow the user to specify how she wants
the output, e.g., give me frequency in GHz and flux density in mJy.
It allows input of lists with comments. However, it does not allow
sophisticated queries, e.g., give me all objects in catalog A
which have property X in catalog B.
Vizier is useful for finding out all the cataloged data on a given
object or list of objects.

The best of everything.
Taking the best parts of the different tools, would include:
(1) access to archived data sets
(2) display and simple analysis tools
(3) cross correlation tools
(4) access to catalog data in a uniform and specifiable format
(5) sophisticated queries

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