Subject: Notes f/July 18 2001 and Wishlist Draft

FASST meeting: the Wish List
attending: Harry Ferguson, Megan Donahue, Tim Kimball, Stefano
Casertano, Ed Hopkins, Cathy Imhoff, Daryl Swade

We are gathering the fundamental ideas for new initiatives
in the archive. Please read this!

If you did not attend this meeting, it would be very important
for you to review these notes and to submit your own suggestions
to the wish list. Subsequent meetings will be aimed at assessing
the technical requirements of the wish list and prioritizing items.
Adding items to the list will be allowed, but we'd like to get
as much listed up front as possible, in order to focus the next discussions.

We reviewed the status of upcoming and recent archive enhancements:
StarView/APT/Visual Target Tuner (VTT) (released in June); Sloan
Early Data Release website/interfaces for catalog and data; GSC2.2
catalog and interface; the completely re-written data retrieval
module (en route to completely replacing the LORAL DADS software);
MAST image and spectra scrapbooks.

The wish list draft, with some annotations:
1. a service with access to both catalogs and observations.
2. a way to plot catalog data without downloading a file
        - CatsEye+ADC like? (Select an ADC catalog with the
        ADC catalog viewer ( then
        "create a table", then plot with Catseye.)
        - blue sky: a visualization service, data cave style?
3. a way to take the results of one query and create the query
  of the next service ("flow" from one service to the next).
4. a portal of data archive services with
        - information maps
        - customizable portal e.g. order astroph lists by keyword,
          monitor observation or availability status
          monitor proposal deadlines
          regular search for target-specific data (writing a
          paper on 3C273? daily searches for new papers or data
          releases relevant to 3C273 ...)
5. WFPC2 data in useful science-ready form
6. a service to extract source fluxes rather than full observations
7.  a search that can be based on limiting fluxes or limiting magnitudes
  rather than (filter+exposure time) which requires significant
  advance knowledge of the technical specifics.
8. searches based on S/N estimates
(7. and 8. could be implemented with the appropriate post-processing
software that fed into new keywords.)

9. standards for ingesting data not only from missions but from individual
  users (acceptable keywords, how to calculate them)
10. standards for WCS including non-linear coordinates = more help in
  co-aligning and registering images from different telescopes.
11. enable queries of catalogs simultaneously. Right now services query
  by RA and DEC (e.g. our cross-correlation web service, NED, SIMBAD etc).
  Is this enough? There is a desire to search by astronomical object
  type and properties.
12. enable queries of observation logs from multiple missions (within
  XMM/SIRTF/IRAF/ISO/2MASS/...) IMPRESS already does this for a subset with
  footprints on the DSS and links to the data at their home centers.
Please read and supplement the list, either with additional items or
your commentary. I think we have a great start on this work! Volume
is fine - these are not marching orders we are writing, this document
will be a source for guidance, for new ideas, for practical scientific
needs, for near-term development and long-term preparation. We do
not want to duplicate services. Ideally we will provide services with
great scientific benefits; but we also need to be sensitive to our
strengths and weaknesses and to our fundamental mission as an
operational archive for active space missions.

Thank you for all of your input so far!

- Megan