Current Rankings

After discussoin at the July 23, 2001 meeting about the current wish list we decided that we could begin ranking these projects by first grouping them into sensible groups and then ranking them in each group.  Then we ranked the relative importance of the top level of each group to get a first look at how things will fall out.  The groups are listed in their order and the topics are listed under each group.  Note this is not a true order as it is only ranking the top in each group...but it gives us a sort of bubble sort ranking to start with.

Also we tried to take into acount what would be done on the road to another goal here.  For example it was demed that unless you can extract data in science usable form from the archive, extracting information automatically from that data would be worthless.

For the next meeting we should finish the sort, moving things up and down from this order to get a final relative order for these projects.

Top level - finding stuff on the web
  1. Search portal with info maps
  2. “my” portal style customization
  3. Agent like searches/data gatherers

Catalog -
  1. Ability to flow results to an unrelated query
  2. Single source access for data and catalogs
  3. Cross Mission queries (using several missions in one big query)
  4. Visualization without downloading a file

Meta data
  1. Instrument independent quantities in database
  2. Seek out and/or develop more extensive metadata such as nonlinear WCS

Value added
  1. External catalog/data ingest and distribution standards
  2. Data in science usable form (improved reductions)
  3. Data extraction services

Some general comments about how these are implemented were raised
Lastly it was mentioned that there is a clear destinction between data and meta data in that data relates to the science  while the meta data relates to data descriptions.  However they all fall under the umbrella of information and that is really what we are talking about distributing here.