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11            Acronym List


ACS       Attitude Control System

ADU      Analog to Digital converter Unit (=1LSB)

AIC        Active Image Counter

APL        Applied Physics Laboratory

ASC       Autonomous Shutdown Counter

ASIC      Application-Specific Integrated Circuit

AUX      Auxiliary power supply (Detector)

AUXI     AUX power supply current


BOS       Bright Object Sensor

bps          Bits Per Second


CalFUSE               FUSE data reduction and calibration pipeline

CCSDS  Consultative Committee on Space Data Systems

CCD       Charge Coupled Device

C&DH    Command and Data Handling

CDC       Charge to Digital Converter

CEU       Central Electronics Unit

CNES     Centre National d’Etudes Spatiale

COTS     Commercial Off the Shelf

CPU       Central Processing Unit

CRC       Cyclic Redundant Checksum

CSA       Canadian Space Agency

CSS        Coarse Sun Sensor

CTE        Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

CU          University of Colorado at Boulder

CVZ       Continuous Viewing Zone


DADS    Data Archive and Distribution System

DAO      Dominion Astrophysical Observatory

DDL       Double Delay Line

DEC       Digitized Event Counter

DLT        Digital Linear Tape

DPU       Detector Processing Unit

DQ         Delta Quaternion


EEPROM              Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EPV        Extended Precision Vector


FARF     Flight Alignment Reference Frame

FEC        Fast Event Counter

FES        Fine Error Sensor

FIFO      First In First Out

FITS       Flexible Image Transport System

FOV       Field of View

FPA        Focal Plane Assembly

FPAE     FPA Electronics

FPD        Fine Pointing Data (packet)

FUV       Far Ultraviolet

FUSE     Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer

FUVS     Far UltraViolet Spectrograph


GMA      Grating Mount Assemblies

GSFC     Goddard Space Flight Center


HIRS      High Resolution Aperture

H/K        Housekeeping (telemetry)

HOP       High Output Paraffin

HTSI      Honeywell Technology Solutions Incorporated (formerly Allied Signal)

HV         High Voltage

HVIA     High Voltage current in detector segment A

HVIB     High Voltage current in detector segment B

H/W        Hardware


IAP         Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris

ICS         Interface and Control Systems, Inc.

IDS         Instrument Data System

IOC        In-Orbit Checkout

IPCS       Instrument Prime Coordinate System

IPSDU   Instrument Power Switching and Distribution Unit

IRU        Inertial Reference Unit

IT            Information Technology

I&T         Integration and Test


JHU        the Johns Hopkins University


kbps        kilobits per second

KSC       Kennedy Space Center


LC          Lower Core

L&IOC   Launch and In-Orbit Checkout

LiF          Lithium Flouride

LWRS    Low Resolution Aperture


MAE      Mirror Assembly Electronics

MAST    Multi-mission Archive at Space Telescope

Mbps      Megabits Per Second

MCP       Micro Channel Plate

MDRS    Medium Resolution Aperture

MOT       Mission Operations Team

MPA       Mirror Positioning Assembly

MPS       Mission Planning Schedule

MTB       Magnetic Torquer Bar

MTBE    Magnetic Torquer Bar Electronics


NASA    National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NEA       Noise Equivalent Angle


OPUS     Operational Pipeline Unified System

OSC       Orbital Sciences Corporation

OSI         Observation Specific Inertial


PHA       Pulse Height Amplitude

PI            Principal Investigator

PROM    Programmable Read-Only Memory

PSF         Point Spread Function


RAM      Random Access Memory

RFPT      Reference Point – position of OSI on FPA

ROM      Read Only Memory


RWA      Reaction Wheel Assembly


SAA       South Atlantic Anomaly

SAD       Solar Array Drive

SADE     Solar Array Drive Electronics

SAI         Swales Aerospace Inc.

SAMA    Small Angle Maneuver Activity

SCC        Satellite Control Center

SEU        Single Event Upset

S/C         Spacecraft

SIA         Spectral Image Allocation (tables)

SiC         Silicon Carbide

SSC        Sigma Space Corp.

SSMO    Space Science Mission Operations

STScI     Space Telescope Science Institute

S/W        Software


TAM       Three Axis Magnetometer

TDC       Time to Digital Converter

TEC        Thermo-Electric Cooler

TTAG     Time-Tagged -  science data storage mode


UC          Upper Core or University of California

UCB       University of California at Berkeley

UPRM    University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

UTC       Universal Time Coordinated


WFF       Wallops Flight Facility




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