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NOTE: Most of the High Level Science Products are unavailable while unscheduled maintenance is being performed. They will be incrementally restored over the course of this week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

List of HPOL Object Types

ActChr - Active chromospheric stars
AeBe - Herbig Ae/Be stars
Be - Be stars
CSM - Stars with circumstellar material
Catacl - Cataclysmic stars
DN - Dwarf novae
Flare - Flare stars
Flx-St - Flux standard stars
HyperG - Hyper giant stars
ISM - Stars used to study the interstellar medium
ISM-Dbl - Double stars used to study the ISM
ISM-a - Stars used to study the ISM around EZ-CMa
ISM-b - Stars used to study the ISM around HD45677
ISM-c - Stars used to study the ISM around V1974-Cyg
IntBin - Interacting binaries
LRV - Luminous red variables
LRV-Lb - LRV subclass Lb
LRV-Lc - LRV subclass Lc
LRV-M - LRV subclass M stars
LRV-SRa - LRV semi-regular subclass a
LRV-SRb - LRV semi-regular subclass b
LRV-SRc - LRV semi-regular subclass c
Nova - Novae
OBsg - OB supergiant stars
Oe/Be - Oe/Be stars
PN - Planetary nebulae
Pol-St - Polarization standard stars
PreMS - Pre-Main sequence stars
PrePN - Pre-Planetary nebula stars
RCrb - R-Crb type stars
RSCVn - RS-CVn type stars
RV-Tau - RV-Tau type stars
RV-TauA - RV-Tau subclass A stars
RV-TauB - RV-Tau subclass B stars
RV-TauC - RV-Tau subclass C stars
RapRot - Rapidly rotating stars
ReflNeb - Reflection nebulae
Sol-Sys - Targets within the solar system
Symb - Symbiotic stars
TTau - T-Tau type stars
Unpol - Unpolarized standard stars
WR - Wolf-Rayet stars
WUMa - W-UMa type stars
XRTr - X-Ray mass transfer binaries