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List of HPOL Object Types

ActChr - Active chromospheric stars
AeBe - Herbig Ae/Be stars
Be - Be stars
CSM - Stars with circumstellar material
Catacl - Cataclysmic stars
DN - Dwarf novae
Flare - Flare stars
Flx-St - Flux standard stars
HyperG - Hyper giant stars
ISM - Stars used to study the interstellar medium
ISM-Dbl - Double stars used to study the ISM
ISM-a - Stars used to study the ISM around EZ-CMa
ISM-b - Stars used to study the ISM around HD45677
ISM-c - Stars used to study the ISM around V1974-Cyg
IntBin - Interacting binaries
LRV - Luminous red variables
LRV-Lb - LRV subclass Lb
LRV-Lc - LRV subclass Lc
LRV-M - LRV subclass M stars
LRV-SRa - LRV semi-regular subclass a
LRV-SRb - LRV semi-regular subclass b
LRV-SRc - LRV semi-regular subclass c
Nova - Novae
OBsg - OB supergiant stars
Oe/Be - Oe/Be stars
PN - Planetary nebulae
Pol-St - Polarization standard stars
PreMS - Pre-Main sequence stars
PrePN - Pre-Planetary nebula stars
RCrb - R-Crb type stars
RSCVn - RS-CVn type stars
RV-Tau - RV-Tau type stars
RV-TauA - RV-Tau subclass A stars
RV-TauB - RV-Tau subclass B stars
RV-TauC - RV-Tau subclass C stars
RapRot - Rapidly rotating stars
ReflNeb - Reflection nebulae
Sol-Sys - Targets within the solar system
Symb - Symbiotic stars
TTau - T-Tau type stars
Unpol - Unpolarized standard stars
WR - Wolf-Rayet stars
WUMa - W-UMa type stars
XRTr - X-Ray mass transfer binaries