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The Archived Exposures Catalog

The Archived Exposures Catalog (AEC) is an ASCII listing compiled from the Hubble Space Telescope Data Archive database. This listing provides a summary of completed HST science observations.

Exposures are included here after they have been archived at STScI. The AEC files will be updated every month. The current version of the AEC is complete to
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Thu 01 Jan 1970
. The complete list is sorted by target position; the solar-system list is sorted by target name.

Complete list of fixed and solar system targets

List of solar system targets only

The AEC includes the following information:

  • targname - Name of the target.
  • ra, dec - RA and Dec of target (J2000).
  • v3 - V3 roll angle during observation.
  • fov - The field of view configuration.
  • config - Instrument configuration.
  • mode - Instrument operating mode.
  • aper - Apertures used. Multiple apertures are delimited by semicolons.
  • spec - Spectral elements used. Multiple elements are delimited by semicolons.
  • wave - "Central" wavelength of the observation, angstroms.
  • c - Flag indicating whether corrective optics were used (i.e., COSTAR, WFPC2).
  • time - Length of exposure (in seconds).
  • prop - Proposal ID.
  • dataset - Dataset name. Uniquely identifies the data for a given exposure.
  • obsdate - Date on which observation was made.
  • release - Date on which observation becomes public.

The AEC provides summary information about each exposure in the HST Archive. You can see much more information about each exposure and retrieve HST data using either StarView or through the Archive Web interface.