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User Specified Search Field

You may search on any column listed below. Where reasonable, the table lists the range of valid values or a set of sample values. A description of the column is also given. Note the column "label" is the name displayed on the search forms and in search results. The column "name" is the actual column name in the table and needs to be specified in GET requests.

From a MAST search form, simply select the column "label" in the forms pulldown menu and type in the qualification in the adjacent box. Note that if you specify constraints on the same column in more than one form element, they will all be included in the query and you may not get results you expect. In a HTTP GET request, specify the column "name" in the service request. (See the MAST Services web page for information on sumbitting GET requests.)

Column Name Column Label Description Examples/Valid Values Data Type
MatchID Match ID Catalog entries with the same value of MatchID match together. Range: 1 to > 27028396 long
NumFilters NumFilters Number of filters Range: long
NumVisits NumVisits Number of visits Range: long
NumImages NumImages Number of images Range: long
TargetName Target Name Target Name Examples: NGC6341 char
MatchRA Match RA (J2000) Right Ascension for the match Range 0 to 360 deg double
MatchDec Match DEC (J2000) Declination for the match Range: -90 to +90 deg double
StartTime Obs. Start Time Observation Start Time Range currently 1989-11-30 to 2010-02-12 char
StopTime Obs. Stop Time Observation Stop Time Range: currently 1993-12-20 to 2010-02-12 char
Mag_F814W Mag_F814W Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F814W MagError_F814W Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F606W Mag_F606W Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F606W MagError_F606W Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F555W Mag_F555W Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F555W MagError_F555W Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F300W Mag_F300W Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F300W MagError_F300W Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F775W Mag_F775W Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F775W MagError_F775W Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F450W Mag_F450W Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F450W MagError_F450W Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F435W Mag_F435W Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F435W MagError_F435W Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F625W Mag_F625W Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F625W MagError_F625W Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F658N Mag_F658N Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F658N MagError_F658N Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F475W Mag_F475W Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F475W MagError_F475W Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F850LP Mag_F850LP Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F850LP MagError_F850LP Magnitude Error Range: float
Mag_F439W Mag_F439W Magnitude Range: float
MagError_F439W MagError_F439W Magnitude Error Range: float
Column Name Column Label Description Examples/Valid Values Data Type