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PDF (Paper) Products

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The PDF files are simply the HST paper product reports (originally written in Postscript format) converted to the Adobe Portable Document format (i.e., PDF). The Archive has stopped printing paper products as of August 1, 1999, and "paper" products must now be obtained from the web page listed below. The PDF files are stored in a compressed postscript-like format and must be viewed using the ADOBE Acrobat Reader. (The ADOBE Acrobat Reader can be obtained for free from Get Acrobat Reader if its not currently available from your WEB browser.)

Each set of PDF files summarize the observations made by a particular observer during one "Science Mision Schedule" (i.e., SMS) week. If the summary requires more than 100 pages or multiple instruments were used, multiple files are generated. This set of files will have the same basic file name but with sequential version numbers appended. Depending on the search criteria, all, or part of a set of PDF files will be listed in the search results table.

The entries under the "PDF File" heading are links to the PDF files containing the requested observations. Help on a particular table entry is available by clicking the column heading. Clicking on a file name will open the Adobe Acrobat Reader and display the requested PDF document. The PDF documents are password protected and you will need your archive name and password and be an authorized user to access documents. If you don't have an HST Archive Account, you can register for one on the web at registration site, or contact the Archive Hotseat at
PDF files only exist for about 6 months after the date of observation. As of Feb 1, 2000, PDF files now have bookmarks.

Attention: The automatic generation of PDF observation summaries was terminated on March 19th, 2002. STSDAS routines currently exist for users to make these products on their own. Eventually an on-demand OTFR-based tool will be available for users to request PDF products. The current interface will allow users to view the remaining online observation summaries which cover the period from March 19th, 2002 back to June, 2001.

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