Summary of Most Significant IUESIPS Reduction Changes

The IUESIPS software was used to process IUE data over a nearly 19 year time span. During that time, there were many changes to the processing algorithms and calibrations. When requested by researchers, images were reprocessed with more up-to-date software but most of the data were never reprocessed with IUESIPS. The IUESIPS archive is thus rather heterogeneous, reflecting the many changes made to the processing system over time. (This is of course one of the reasons for the creation of the IUE Final Archive using the NEWSIPS software.)

The following list summarizes the most signficant changes to the IUESIPS data reduction procedures that are of interest to archival data users. Data processed before the dates given will be affected by the problems or limitations described. Since some data have been reprocessed, it is important to check the processing date, not just the obesrvation date, to see how the data were processed. Changes in extraction techniques, calibrations, etc. can obviously affect comparisons of data processed at different times. The references given at the end of the summary give more detailed discussions of the software and software changes.

Low Dispersion Images:

High Dispersion Images:


Chronologies of Modifications to IUESIPS Output Products:

Image Processing Manual and Updates: