A Brief Description of NEWSIPS

The NEWSIPS system was intended to provide a number of improvements to the IUE calibrations and data reduction techniques compared to IUESIPS. It was also required to operate in a standardized "pipeline-processing" mode to produce uniform output data products for users. Thus the standardized extraction techniques generally work best on well-exposed, point-source, continuum spectra similar to the calibration stars, and may not perform as well on other types of spectra. Output files were created at various intermediate processing steps so that users may apply their own customized reduction and extraction techniques (see description of files below). In many cases, customized extractions will provide better quality data.

A complete description of the NEWSIPS processing system is given in the NEWSIPS Image Processing Information Manual. In addition, several published papers and IUE Newsletter articles describe various aspects of the Final Archive algorithms, processing and calibrations.

Below the processing steps in NEWSIPS are summarized. The results of each step are recorded in the processing log portion of the FITS header for each image.