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IUEDAC Software Changes (01-Oct-1997 to 01-Sep-1998):

  • 09-Oct New versions of the following routines were implemented: NORM - store more user-selected points in output vector mode, and preserve all coefficients for polynomial fits

  • 21-Oct The new LWR ripple correction received from Vilspa was implemented. New versions of the following routines were implemented: IUERIP - calculates new lwr K & alpha values, TIMELWR - new subroutine to derive new delta(lambda) terms, NSRIPL - calculates new ripple correction for a given image and order number, and MXCOR2 - corrects LWR MXHI files processed with ripple correction version 1.0.

  • 23-Oct A bug was discovered in TABINV which caused the output indices to be truncated integers when the input xarr and x parameters were both byte or integer vectors. The new version properly returns floating point indices.

  • 07-Nov The following routines were modified:
    • VECFITS - allow 2 more vectors to be written to output FITS file and make linearization of vectors optional rather than required,
    • READMX - store the order numbers and wavelength range of the data extracted from the MXHI files,
    • MXCOR2 - modify history line in FITS header,
    • TIMELWR - pass order number as a floating-point value to TABINV.

  • 11-Nov A program to remove scattered light from SWP low dispersion NEWSIPS spectra has been added to the experimental library. The program, called SLBOXAR, was donated by Mark Vincent from the University of Michigan.

  • 25-Nov A bug was corrected in BOXCAR and SLBOXCAR. The programs were redefining the input bckgnd parameter which could cause the background slit position to change if the programs were run multiple times. The new versions do not redefine the input background vector.

  • 26-Nov New versions of FEATURE and IUESAT were implemented due to a change in the execution of the IDL PLOTS command in IDL 5.0. The new versions are now compatible with both IDL 4.0 and 5.0. No other programs should be affected by the IDL change.

  • 04-Dec Updated programs implemented:
    • IUEFHRD - reads FITS files with up to 50 extensions, extracts up to 10 extension headers, and lists extension names.
    • FTOA - includes nu flags in output ASCII file

  • 15-Dec READSI was modified to handle double dispersion images. The new version uses the DISPYPE keyword to decide how to read the file when the FITS keyword DISPERSN = 'BOTH'.

  • 12-Jan IUEFHRD was modified to fix a bug occurring when FITS files with non-standard extensions were read. Also, an unnecessary record of 0's was removed from the FITS-format data sets COLORS.FIT and UITCOLORS.FIT to prevent the mssage "non-standard extension found" when read by IUEFHRD in the program IUELCT.

  • 16-Jan Implemented a new routine called NEWRIPPLE which applies the NEWSIPS ripple correction to the input net flux vector (useful for users wanting to calibrate re-extracted SIHI data). Also, NEW_SPLICE was modified to use the DLAM term for the new LWR ripple correction.

  • 19-Feb A new version of READMX was implemented which returns all orders from a MXHI file when /noninter is specified without the WRANGE or ORANGE keywords. Also, clarifications were made to the prolog of the program RDZ.

  • 01-Apr A new version of COADD was implemented which allows NEWSIPS MXHI files to be coadded. The previous version was only compatible with low dispersion MXLO files. New keywords WSHIFT and VSHIFT were added to allow wavelength or velocity shifts (e.g., as calculated by the program CRSCOR) to be specified to properly register coadded spectra. Also, a new version of IUEDAF was implemented which corrects a minor bug in how the IUEDAC keyword is added to a FITS header.

  • 21-Apr A new version of READSI was implemented which uses the FITS keyword DISPTYPE rather than DISPERSN to determine how wavelengths should be extracted from the input file. (DISPTYPE describes how the raw data was processed, whereas DISPERSN describes how the observation was made.)

  • 04-May IUEFHRD was modified to assume default values for the GCOUNT and PCOUNT keywords used in some FITS extensions.

  • 08-May PROLOG was modified to write blank lines to separate multiple prolog listings, and a bug was fixed which occurred when the first directory searched had 1 found entry.

  • 28-May An error was discovered in the file distributed for unix systems which prevents the Kelly and Palumbo database from being included in the database search path. A new version will be distributed shortly. Users interested in correcting existing files should contact Randy Thompson at

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