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IUEDAC Software Changes (01-Sep-1998 to 25-Mar-1999):

  • Previous changes (01-Oct-1997 to 01-Sept-1998).

  • 16-Sep The IUE merged log has been updated to include additional information on images processed at Vilspa. The latest versions for unix, decunix, and windows are available from the anonymous ftp account on

  • 09-Oct The following programs were implemented as a result of y2k software testing:
    • DATECONV added 'newfits' mode, use 4 (rather than 2) digit dates internally, and add a 4th input string format option
    • YDTOYMD correct leap year calculation and output dates in YYYYMMDD format for other centuries (mainly replaced by DATECONV)
    • FDATE fix leap year test and bug found for years 1900-1909 (mainly replaced by DATECONV)
    • IUNJD fix leap year calculation
    • KEYGEN call DATECONV for date conversions instead of FDATE
    • FINDELT add comment about non-y2k compliance
    • GEXCAL use DATECONV for date conversions fluxes
    • JULDATE add prolog information to Julian date
    • IDBDATE correct leap year calculation to julian date & yr & dayof yr
    • IDBFPARSE call DATECONV rather than the astron routine DATE_CONV(?)

  • 09-Oct A new version of BARKER was implemented which prevents errors in splicing short wavelength LWP orders (data overflow error).

  • 10-Nov A new version of IUEFHRD was implemented which corrects the test for the END keyword and allows up to 15 extension headers to be extracted.

  • 04-Jan Use new DATE keyword format in following FITS-related programs by using "NEWFITS" mode in calls to DATECONV: GEXCAL, IUEDAF, and KEYGEN. Also, correct typo in IDBFPARSE (i.e., call DATECONV, not DATE_CONV).

  • 08-Jan Because of disk drive changes on the LASP cluster, the following startup files were modified: IDL.COM, IDL_LOGIN.COM, IUERDAF.COM, USER_LOGIN.COM, IDL_STARTUP.PRO and IC_STARTUP.PRO.

  • 12-Jan The following FITS-writing programs were modified to support the conversion of IMAPS data to FITS format:
    • IFITSWRT - add /append and /extkey options
    • IMXGEN - correct position of PCOUNT and GCOUNT keywords
    • IUE3DRD - make repeat count a longword integer and correct tdim calculation
    • IUE3DROW - make repeat count a longword integer and correct tdim calculation

  • 25-Mar A bug was found in the program DATECONV which is used to convert dates to the new FITS date format. The old version of DATECONV only wrote one digit for hours when the hour value was < 10. The new version replaces the preceding blank with a 0.

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