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User Specified Search Field

You may now search on any column in the mission database. Select the field you wish to search on and type in the qualification. NOTE that if you choose a field in BOTH the form and in the User Option field, then you may not get results or the result you expect.

In the table below is a list of all the column names available for search. Where reasonable a range or set of valid values is listed. Additional useful notes are included. If you click on the field name, a more detailed description of the data will be found. The column label is used in the search forms and search results. The column name needs to be specified for GET requests.

Column Name Column Label Data Type Valid Values Notes UCDs
pki_package_type Package Type char File, Package Package type; either 'Package' or 'File'
afi_data_set_name Root Name char FGSFITSTEST003071 Root name of the observation set (note several files may have same root name) ID_MAIN
pki_test_title Test Name char VM2T00003812 Title of test as specified in test plan
pki_test_number Test Number char FGS#1, NIRCAM#1 Number of test (stored as a string) as specified in test plan
fii_targname Target Name char NIR_LAMP, OSIM (default is UNKNOWN) Target name initially populated by FITSWriter but the tester is responsible for updating value (not defined for packages) ID_TARGET
fii_instrument Instrument char NIRCAM, TF1 Identifier for instrument used to acquire data INST_ID
fii_detector Detector char TF1, NRCA1, NRS1 Detector (not defined for packages)
fii_datamode Data Mode char 1, 31, 25, 79 Reference number used to specify ground data processing requirements for this data OBS_TYPE
pki_area Area char TestArea Facility where test is being conducted
pki_phase Phase char TestPhase Ambient, Cyro, etc.
pki_test_description Test Description char Test Description Short description of purpose and content of test. Note if a data package needs to be subdivided, the parameters will all be the same except for the description.
pki_organization Organization char The FBI, Test Org Organization conducting test
pki_responsible_engineer Engineer char Richie Kay Point of contact for test
afi_file_name File Name char FGSFITSTEST003071_1_497_S_2009-05-01T19h29m37.fits Full File Name
fii_obs_id Obs ID char V12348001001P0000000000000 Observation ID from the science data package image header (not defined for packages) ID_IDENTIFIER
fii_exptime Exposure time float 838.86, 0.00128 Exposure duration of observation (only defined for FITS files entries) TIME_EXPTIME
pki_start_time Start Time char Mar 2 2009 11:11:00:000PM Start date and time of test TIME_DATE
pki_end_time Stop Time char Mar 2 2009 11:11:00:000PM Date and time of end of test TIME_DATE
afi_generation_date Generation Date char May 7 2009 07:02:16:000PM Date file was ingested TIME_DATE
fii_date Date char May 1 2009 07:29:39:000PM Date and time of I&T calibration/activity TIME_DATE