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Data Release Notes

A set of Data Release Notes is provided for each Campaign. Updates are provided with each release of data, including each reprocessing. The Notes tabulate the phenomena identified by the Science Office in each data set and describe the overall quality of that set.

Update 5/2/2016 : An error was discovered in the Short Cadence data affecting approximately half of the Short Cadence observations since launch. See the Global Erratum for Kepler Q0-Q17 & K2 C0-C5 Short-Cadence Data paper for more information. A list of affected K2 files is also available. The affected files are expected to be reprocessed later this year. Note the error does not apply to C6 and later files.

Update 8/2/2016 : The C3, C4, and C5 short cadence data have been reprocessed to correct the collateral bug described in the Global Erratum for Kepler Q0-Q17 & K2 C0-C5 Short-Cadence Data and are now available as Data Release 10. The long cadence data for these campaigns are unchanged. Users should continue referring to the list of affected targets at the MAST for campaigns C0, C1, and C2 until a similar reprocessing is available for them.

Update 11/30/2016 : The C1 data has been reprocessed in Data Release 14. This release corrects the short cadence collateral bug, and now includes light curves as well as "type 2" target pixel files.

Update 4/16/18 : The first project-produced Short Cadence light curves were delivered with Campaign 15 (data release 22).

See the Campaign schedule to find the planned start and end dates for each campaign.