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Kepler Target Search Explanations

The Kepler Target Search interface provides access to a 12.5 million row table created by MAST by joining entries from the Kepler Input catalog (KIC) with the Kepler Characteristics table (CT) and merging these with "associated" entries from the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (IRT) project, the USNOb catalog, GALEX, the Kepler Isaac Newton Telescope Survey (KIS), the KPNO-Ames (UBV) survey, and the most recent Sloan survey (SDSS/DR9). The search interface allows users to find targets within the Kepler field of view (FOV) and allows searches on magnitudes, colors, and other parameters for both KIC and associated non-KIC targets.

This is the recommended interface for potential guest observers to locate possible targets for observation. GO proposers however should check on the target's position by either (or both) looking to one of our posted FFI images and seeing if it is on a chip, and (2) confirming this with the GO office. The links below provide more detailed information on the creation and contents of this database.

Colors and Magnitudes (Explanations & Caveats)

This page describes the magnitudes added from the various catalogs as well as results from comparing the various magnitudes and colors as a function of magnitude.

Matching and false Identifications

The procedure for associating a catalog object to a KIC object is described here. Issues with false identifications are also discussed.

Associated Non-KIC Targets

After associating catalog entries with KIC entries, a second matching process was performed to identify additional non-KIC targets which may be within the Kepler FOV. This procedure resulted in the addition of roughly 8 million new targets and is described here.