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A flag describing the source of the stellar effective temperature (teff_prov), surface gravity (logg_prov), and metallicity (feh_prov). A separate flag is also provided for the source of secondary stellar parameters (prov_sec). The following descriptions were provided by NExScI (see their Data Columns page).

Note if the letter code is trailed by a number, the number corresponds to a specific paper. That list is available via NeXScI.

  • KIC = the parameters are extracted from the Kepler Input Catalog (Brown et al. 2011). Uncertainties of Teff = 200 K, log(g) = 0.3 dex and [Fe/H] = 0.4.

  • J-K = the star is unclassified in the KIC, J-K has been used to estimate temperature. The host star is assumed to be on the ZAMS with corresponding log(g) based on the Schmidt-Kaler relation.

  • Pinsonneault = uses a revised Teff scale from Pinsonneault et al. (2012) with [Fe/H] fixed at -0.2. The quantity log(g) is taken from the KIC. Values are then revised by fitting to Yonsei-Yale stellar evolution models (Yi et al. 2001).

  • SPE = Spectroscopy

  • PHO = Photometry

  • TRA = Transits or Eclipsing Binaries

  • AST = Asteroseismology

  • Solar = No physical parameters are known for this object and so the pipeline used Solar values. These values were used directly without fitting.

Secondary Provenances

    The internal parameters (R, M, rho) codes:

  • DSEP = Based on Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Program. DSEP given without a reference number corresponds to values derived with the model grid presented in Huber et al. 2013.

  • MULT = Based on multiple evolutionary tracks/isochrones, including DSEP