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MAST Users Group

The MAST Users Group (MUG) provides essential user perspectives on archive operations and development, including suggesting priorities for short and long term operational and scientific enhancements to the archive.

Members of the 2011 MAST Users Group

Steve Howell (Chair)   (NOAO)
Jay Anderson  (STScI)
Mike Crenshaw  (Georgia State)
Megan Donahue  (Michigan State)
Casey Papovich  (Texas A&M)
Ben Williams  (Washington)

Meeting held Sept. 23, 2011.

Agenda for 2011 meeting
Report from the MAST Users Group 2011 (PDF Format)

Presentations made at the Sept. 23, 2011 meeting. All are in PDF format.

Overview and NASA Sr. Review Results - White
User Survey Results - Conti
GALEX Update - Smith
HLA - Casertano
Kepler - Fraquelli and Smith
MAST/VAO Portal - Donaldson & Rogers
JWST DMS - Greene
HST Operations - Abney and Kyprianou