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MAST Users Group Meeting
December 15-16, 2016
STScI Cafeteria Conference Room


Glossary / Acronym List

Thursday December 15, 2016
8:30-9:00 Breakfast and Coffee  
Session 1 (overview, general items)
9:00 Welcome and Introduction Rick White/
Karen Levay
9:05 Introduce Arfon Smith Ken Sembach
9:30 MAST Overview
include SciPortal, WFIRST
Karen Levay MUG-Dec2016-Introduction.pdf
10:00 NAVO questions and VO work Discussion NAVO_for_MUG-Dec2016.pdf
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 2
10:45 Newsletter and Forum Jonathan Hargis MUG-Dec2016-Newsletterforum.pdf
11:00 Website/Documentation Redesign Sarah Weissman MUG-Dec2016-Website_Redesign.pdf
11:30 Metadata improvements (DOI, UAT, Astrotag) Sarah Weissman MUG-Dec2016-Metadata_Updates.pdf
12:00 Lunch
Session 3
1:00 JWST Mark Kyprianou/
Anastasia Alexov
1:30 TESS / Kepler Scott Fleming MUG-Dec2016-KeplerTESS-Fleming.pdf
2:00 Survey ResultsDiscussion
2:30 Gaia/Astrometry Project Stefano Casertano MUG_HST_astrometry.pdf
3:00 Coffee Break
Session 4
3:15 HLA / HSC Lee Quick MUG-Dec2016-hla.hsc.pdf
3:45 Subscription Service Oliver Oberdorf MUG-Dec2016-Subscription-Service.pdf
4:00 HST Instrument Calibration UpdatesGisella de Rosa (COS), John Debes (STIS), Norman Grogin (ACS), Ivelina Momcheva (WFC3) MUG-Dec2016-STIS.pdf
Friday, December 16, 2016
8:30-9:00 Breakfast and Coffee  
Session 5
9:00StarCloud / SciServerViviana Acosta and Jonathan Hargis MUG-Dec2016-STScI_Science_Cloud_Evaluation.pdf
9:30SciPortalClara Brasseur MUG-Dec2016-SciPortal.pdf
10:00 Coffee Break
Session 6
10:15Portal Updates
(advanced search, album view)
Tony Rogers MUG-Dec2016-PortalDemo.pdf
11:00PanSTARRSRick White 20MUG-PS1_White_2016dec.pdf
1:00 MUG Executive Session / Discussion