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Vol. 9, No. 1             9 February 2000                  ISSN 1065-3597
          (C) 2000, Regents of the University of California

Notes from the Editor
by Jennifer Cullison, EUVE Project Specialist

Welcome to the electronic newsletter for NASA's Extreme Ultraviolet
Explorer (EUVE) satellite, compiled and published quarterly by the
Center for EUV Astrophysics (CEA) at the University of California,
Berkeley (UCB). 

The contents of this issue of the EUVE electronic newsletter are as follows:

 1. EUVE Satellite Mission Operations News
    1.1 Operations Highlights
    1.2 Observation Log
 2. EUVE Science News
    2.1 Science Highlights
    2.2 EUVE Cycle 8 TAC Results
    2.3	EUVE Science Advisory Board Public Meeting Held
    2.4 Recent EUVE Calibration Observations
    2.5 Recent EUVE Data Releases
    2.6 EUVE Publications: October - December 1999
To comment on or make suggestions for the EUVE electronic newsletter,
please send e-mail to (Internet).

1 EUVE Satellite Mission Operations News

1.1 Operations Highlights

EUVE operations highlights for the fourth quarter of 1999 are:

Jan 2000:  General Notes 
           Battery dVs Trigger EUVE Entry into Safe-Hold Mode 
           FOT Adjusts EUVE Frequency 
           EUVE Y2K Status

November:  Update on 1999 EUVE-Related Publications
	   Update on 1999 EUVE Archival Data Demands
	   EUVE AO8 Proposal Process: Preliminary Results
	   EUVE Releases Science Recalibration Results
	   EUVE FOT Continues Active Battery Management
	   EUVE Y2K Status
Details (including general notes and Y2K status) are available at:

1.2 Observation Log

EUVE observed eight different targets for regular observations over the course of 
the fourth quarter of 1999 including Jupiter, MCT0455-2812, IIPeg, Procyon, TON S180, 
J0443 08, ACO0950, and ACO1366.

Additional observations were made for an engineering survey and special targeting 
was arranged for the Leonid meteor shower.
Details and previous observation information are available at: or

2. EUVE Science News

2.1 Science Highlights

EUVE science highlights for the third quarter of 1999 are:

October:  EUVE Observations of the Venus Dayglow 
          Time-Resolved EUVE Spectroscopy of AR UMa
          EUVE Spectroscopy Shows Iron in G191-B2B Atmosphere has a 
            Depth-Dependent Abundance 

Details and previous months' highlights are available at:

2.2 EUVE Cycle 8 TAC Results

The EUVE project released a call for proposals on August 11, 1999.  
Forty proposals were received with a total of 45,300 ksecs requested.  The 
oversubscription rate for cycle 8 is 5 times the available year (8,550 ksecs
after allotted Director's Discretionary Time and engineering/calibration time).
Nine proposals were awarded type I time totaling 5,180 ksecs.  Beginning
in March, the EUVE Project will begin scheduling observations of the
selected targets including: New Comet, Mercury, EX Hya, EUVE J006+29.0,
EUVE J0932+26.9, EUVE J0613-23.9, Virgo, LB 9802, HD146361, 44 Boo, and
PSR J0659+1414.  In keeping with the strategic plan of the observatory,
a number of these targets will be observed for extended periods of up to 
1000 ksecs.  Several other targets were approved as type II programs, and 
will be observed as possible by EUVE.  

For a complete target listing, see

2.3  EUVE Science Advisory Board (ESAB) Public Meeting Held

The EUVE Science Advisory Board (ESAB) held a public meeting on
the last day of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Atlanta, GA, 
Saturday, January 15, 2000, from 1-2 p.m.  ESAB members discussed
developments and future plans for the EUVE project.  

Much of what was discussed at the meeting is in the he ESAB FY99 review 
of the EUVE Project at UCB.  The report is available at: 
2.4 Recent EUVE Calibration Observations

		      	     est. exposure
Obs. Completed	Target		      ksec         
 -------------	------		      ---- 
1999:10:21	MCT0455-2812	 	~2
1999:11:12	Procyon		       147
1999:11:18	Leonids 	       ~15
Detailed results of all of 1999 calibration studies are posted on the web as 
they become available.  See

Calibration data has no proprietary rights.  Interested parties should be able
to download this data from permanent links at
(see "Recent EUVE Data Releases" below).

2.5 Recent EUVE Data Releases

Following is a list of EUVE data sets released over the third quarter of 1999.

For releases prior to this see

You may search for and download data sets from
Object Name         Obs Date           RA (J2000)  Dec (J2000)  Exp Time  Observer     
-----------        -----------------   ----------- ------------  ------   --------

ACO 1651        Feb 19 1999 3:28PM      12 59 22.56 -04 11 53.02  146   R.LIEU


EUVE J1135-630  Jan 29 1999 7:01PM      11 35 49.92 -63 01 23.88  26    T.W. BERGHOEFER
EUVE J1135-630  Jan 31 1999 6:12PM      11 35 49.92 -63 01 23.88  29    T.W. BERGHOEFER
EUVE J1135-630  Feb 2 1999 5:24PM       11 35 49.92 -63 01 23.88  31    T.W. BERGHOEFER
EUVE J1135-630  Feb 7 1999 5:54AM       11 35 49.92 -63 01 23.88  17    T.W. BERGHOEFER
EUVE J1135-630  Feb 14 1999 12:45PM     11 35 49.92 -63 01 23.88  99    T.W. BERGHOEFER
HD 111812       Dec 28 1998 9:56PM      12 51 41.76 +27 32 26.52  99    T.R. AYRES
HD 111812       Jan 7 1999 6:49AM       12 51 41.76 +27 32 26.52  105   T.R. AYRES
SIGMA GEM       Dec 10 1998 7:08PM      07 43 18.72 +28 53 01.68  86    A.BROWN
SIGMA GEM       Dec 16 1998 12:10PM     07 43 18.72 +28 53 01.68  107   A.BROWN


1136 1551       Dec 25 1998 1:30PM      11 36 02.88 +15 51 00.00  16    C.S. BOWYER
2EUVE J0425-57.2Dec 15 1997 1:10PM      04 26 01.05 -57 12 35.89  75    H.L. MARSHALL
2EUVE J0425-57.2Jan 3 1998 10:54PM      04 26 01.05 -57 12 35.89  181   H.L. MARSHALL
ALGOL           Jan 14 1999 3:59AM      03 08 10.13 +40 57 20.52  188   J.H.M.M. SCHMITT

2.6 EUVE Publications: October - December 1999

The full EUVE bibliography (1978 to present) is available at:

Following is citation and abstract information for all known publications 
released over the fourth quarter (October through Decmeber) of 1999. 

Abstracts of these papers are available at the NASA Astrophysics Data System:

Late-Type Stars 

     The Rise and Fall of Mu Velorum: A Remarkable Flare on a Yellow Giant Star 
     Observed with the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer, T.R. Ayres, R.A. Osten, and A.
     Brown, ApJ, 526, p. 445, November 1999. 

     Emission Line Spectra From Fe VII - Fe XXIV in the Extreme Ultraviolet, J.K. 
     Lepson, P. Beiersdorfer, G.V. Brown, S.M. Kahn and S.B. Utter, presented at
     "Astrophysical Plasmas: Codes, Models & Observations," Mexico City 25-29
     October, 1999. Editors: S.J. Arthur, N. Brickhouse and J. Franco. To be
     published in the Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica, Serie de
     Conferencias, p. 29, October 1999.        
Solar System and EUV Solar Astronomy

     X-Ray and Extreme Ultraviolet Emission from Comet P/Encke 1997, C.M. Lisse, D.
     Christian, K. Dennerl, J. Englhauser, J. Truemper, M. Desch, F.E. Marshall, R. 
     Petre and  S. Snowden, Icarus Letters, 141, p. 316, October 1999.
     X-Ray Emission From Comet Hale-Bopp, C.M. Lisse, B. Bingham, K. Dennerl, 
     J. Englhauser, B. Kellett, F. E. Marshall, R. Petre, J. Truemper and A. 
     Valita, Earth, Moon, and Planets, 77, 3, p. 283 - 291, 1999.    


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  Guenter Riegler, Program Manager. EUVE Science Advisory Board: Dr. 
  Steve Howell (Chair).