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    EEEEEEEEEEE     UUUUU             V          EEEEEEEEEEE
    Volume 1, Number 2                          Aug 5, 1991

EUVE Launch Date
The EUVE Launch date is December 12, 1991. The  Pre-Environmental
Review for the spacecraft is being held August 1 and 2. This is a
major milestone towards the launch.

Science Payload
The EUVE Science Payload is in excellent condition. The ion  pump
power  supply, which had a problem in July, has been repaired and
re-installed.  The dry nitrogen pressure in one  of  the  instru-
ments  has  been found to bleed down too rapidly given the launch
tower sequence.  A possible leak in the valve is  being  investi-
gated,  and the procedure for dry nitrogen purging of the instru-
ments on the pad is being reviewed.  Work on the  backup  filters
and detectors is proceeding.

Guest Observer Program
Work has begun on re-furbishment of the offices  to  be  used  by
Guest  Observers  while at UC Berkeley.  Based on the launch date
of  Dec 12, 1991, The key dates for the Guest Observer Program are:

09/15/91  Release by NASA of the NASA Research Announcement
09/20/91  Distribution of Guest Observer Handbook
12/12/91  EUVE Launch
01/92     Guest Observer proposals due
05/92     Time allocations and support announced
08/92     Start of EUVE Guest Observer Phase

EUVE Sky Survey Science Software Development
Rev 7.1 of the End to End software  has  been  released  and  re-
viewed.  No  major  deficiencies  for post launch operations were
found by the review board. The next release of the software,  Rev
7.2,  will occur just prior to the next major simulation in early
September and will include modifications to  the  EES  needed  to
support the simulations and correct bugs currently in the EES.

Calendar of forthcoming events
The indicated dates are planning dates as of  Aug  1,  1991.  For
confirmation contact the EUVE Project Office.

08/02   Spacecraft Integration & Test # 4
08/08   I & T Test # 7
08/16   Explorer Platform Thermal Vacuum Test begins
08/24   Explorer Platform Thermal Vacuum Test ends
08/25   EUVE/EP SpaceCraft Simulator Test
08/26   EUVE/EP SpaceCraft Simulator Test
08/26   I & T Test #8 begins
08/27   EUVE/EP SpaceCraft Simulator Test
08/28   ESOC Operations Staff Simulation #4
12/12   Launch
The EUVE Electronic Newsletter is issued on a monthly  basis,  or
as  news  events arise, by the Center for Extreme Ultraviolet As-
trophysics at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of  Cali-
fornia,  Berkeley.  The  opinions  expressed are those of the au-
thors.  Publisher: Roger F. Malina, Managing Editor: C. Trentacoste
Address newsletter correspondence to: (Internet)
This newsletter is funded by NASA Contract NAS5-30180.
The EUVE Project is managed by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
in  Greenbelt, MD.  The EUVE Project Manager at GSFC is Mr. Frank
Volpe, the GSFC Project Scientist for EUVE is Dr. Yoji Kondo. The
NASA  Headquarters EUVE Program Scientist is Dr. Robert Stachnik,
the NASA Headquarters EUVE Program Manager is Mr. John Lintott.

Further information about the EUVE Guest Observer Program can  be
obtained from:
        Dr. Yoji Kondo
        Mail Code 684
        Goddard Space Flight Center
        Greenbelt, MD 20771

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