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    E            U         U   V             V   E
    E            U         U    V           V    E
    E            U         U     V         V     E
    EEEEEEE      U         U      V       V      EEEEEEE
    E            U         U       V     V       E
    E             U       U         V   V        E
    E              U     U           V V         E
    EEEEEEEEEEE     UUUUU             V          EEEEEEEEEEE

    Volume 1, Number 6                        December, 1991

Status of EUVE

The EUVE spacecraft is still in integrated tests  at  GSFC.   The
major  issues  being  worked  at  this time are re-testing of the
Modular Antenna Pointing System which has been problematical over
the   last  year.  The  current  test  results  are  encouraging.
Anomalous Bit Error Rates on one of the tape recorders are  being
investigated. The EUVE tape recorders are of the same manufacture
as those on the Compton Observatory, where  anomalous  Bit  Error
Rates  are  being  seen and are complicating the ground data pro-
cessing. The science instruments are flight ready. Recent  exami-
nation of witness samples  from the flight filters show no degra-

Launch Date

The EUVE launch date has been moved to May 28, 1992. This date is
a  "no  later  than"  date.  The earliest ready date is April 15.
Current plans are a January 25 ship date for the spacecraft to be
delivered to Cape Canaveral.

EUVE Guest Observations

The NRA for EUVE Guest Observations will be moved to approximate-
ly two months before the launch date, or to mid-March 1992.

New Contact for EUVE Guest Observer Program

For those with a special interest in the EUVE Guest Observer pro-
gram,  there is now a special mail server to handle requests.  To
contact the EGO Center directly, please send e-mail to


The EUVE Electronic Newsletter is issued on a monthly  basis,  or
as  news  events arise, by the Center for Extreme Ultraviolet As-
trophysics at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of  Cali-
fornia,  Berkeley.  The  opinions  expressed are those of the au-

Publisher: Roger F. Malina, Managing Editor: Camille Trentacoste
            Address all newsletter correspondence to:
                 pub@ssl.berkeley.edu (Internet)
This newsletter is funded by NASA Contract NAS5-30180.

The EUVE Project is managed by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
in  Greenbelt, MD.  The EUVE Project Manager at GSFC is Mr. Frank
Volpe, the GSFC Project Scientist for EUVE is Dr. Yoji Kondo. The
NASA  Headquarters EUVE Program Scientist is Dr. Robert Stachnik,
the NASA Headquarters EUVE Program Manager is Mr. John Lintott.

Further information about the EUVE Guest Observer Program can  be
obtained from:

        Dr. Yoji Kondo
        Mail Code 684
        Goddard Space Flight Center
        Greenbelt, MD 20771

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