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    Volume 1, Number 7                         January, 1992

EUVE Launch Date
May 28, 1992

EUVE Guest Observer NRA
To be released one month before launch.

EUVE Status
The EUVE spacecraft is in final testing at GSFC and is  scheduled
to  be shipped to Florida on January 27, 1992.  Remaining techni-
cal issues include an elusive bit error problem on a tape record-
er  and  remaining software changes needed by the on-board flight

EUVE Participation at January AAS Meeting
The Center for EUV Astrophysics will support the January  meeting
of  the American Astronomical Society with four poster papers and
an exhibit booth. The papers are:

Infrared Photometry of Terzan 2 With the UKIRT IRCAM
        by C.A. Christian (CEA/SSL/UCB)
New Measurements of 12C/13C Toward z Oph and x Per
        by I. Hawkins, N. Craig (CEA/SSL/UCB), D.M. Meyer
           (Northwestern University)
ROSAT Wide Field Camera Mini-Survey of the Diffuse Sky Background
   in 90-188 eV Soft X-rays
        by R. Lieu (CEA/SSL/UCB), J.J. Quenby, S.D. Sidher, and
           T.J. Sumner (Imperial College, London), R. Willingale,
           R.G. West (University of Leicester), A.W. Harris
           (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory), S.L. Snowden, K. Bickert
           (Max Planck Institut)
Heavy Elements in Hot DA White Dwarfs: Fe Abundance and
   Diffusion Theory
        by S. Vennes (CEA/SSL/UCB), P. Chayer, J.R. Thorsten,
           S. Bowyer (CEA/SSL/UCB)

EUVE Booth at AAS
All interested EUVE Guest Observers are encouraged to  visit  the
EUVE  booth at the AAS.  Highlight of the EUVE exhibit booth will
be an interactive simulation of the EUVE all-sky  survey  running
on  a SPARCstation. The booth will also offer literature, photos,
and posters of EUVE, available throughout the conference. In  ad-
dition,  there  will be an opportunity to schedule interviews for
several of the EUVE job openings listed in this bulletin. Further
information  will  be  available at the exhibit or in the AAS job
center. The AAS meeting will be  held  at  the  Marriott  Marquis
hotel in Atlanta, GA, from January 12-16, 1992.

New Job Openings at CEA
The following positions are available at the Center for  EUV  As-
trophysics and the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of
California, Berkeley.

  Assistant Research Astronomer/Physicist
  Duty Scientist
  Post Doctoral Researcher, EGO Center
  Science Planner
  Science Software Manager
  Science Operations Programmer
  Scientific Programmer
  Systems Support Programmer

For further information, contact:
  Ms. Cathie Jones
  Space Sciences Laboratory
  University of California
  Berkeley, CA 94720
  (510) 642-0816

The University of California is an Equal Opportunity  Affirmative
Action Employer.

The EUVE Electronic Newsletter is issued on a monthly  basis,  or
as  news  events arise, by the Center for Extreme Ultraviolet As-
trophysics at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of  Cali-
fornia,  Berkeley.  The  opinions  expressed are those of the au-

Publisher: Roger F. Malina, Managing Editor: Camille Trentacoste
            Address all newsletter correspondence to:
                 pub@ssl.berkeley.edu (Internet)
This newsletter is funded by NASA Contract NAS5-30180.

The EUVE Project is managed by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
in  Greenbelt, MD.  The EUVE Project Manager at GSFC is Mr. Frank
Volpe, the GSFC Project Scientist for EUVE is Dr. Yoji Kondo. The
NASA  Headquarters EUVE Program Scientist is Dr. Robert Stachnik,
the NASA Headquarters EUVE Program Manager is Mr. John Lintott.

Further information about the EUVE Guest Observer Program can  be
obtained from:

        Dr. Yoji Kondo
        Mail Code 684
        Goddard Space Flight Center
        Greenbelt, MD 20771

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