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    Volume 2, Number 3                          July 17, 1992
CEA Data Archive Opens

The EUVE Data Archive is now  open  for  business,  and   we  are
pleased to announce the first public release of spectral data ob-
tained as part of the In Orbit Calibration (IOC).  This inaugural
release  is a raw spectrum of the white dwarf WD1620-391, as seen
in the short wavelength  spectrometer.   The  data  is  available
electronically  through  the  new  EUVE Data Archive mail server,
from the CEA FTP site, or alternatively, in hardcopy form through
conventional mail or facsimile transmission.

To access the ftp site, ftp to superego@cea.berkeley.edu.  Change
directory  to  pub/archive.  Files  available  are  listed in the 
file index.

To obtain information concerning the Archive mail server, send  a
mail  message  containing  the  word  "help" (omit quotes) on the
first     line,     with     no     preceding     spaces,      to
archive@cea.berkeley.edu;  a  file  containing information on the
mail server will be returned to you automatically.  Although  the
mail  server  is designed for processing requests for information
automatically, mail messages which do not address the server pro-
gram are sent to Archive personnel, and are handled on an indivi-
dual basis.

Other queries concerning the EUVE  Data  Archive  should  be  ad-
dressed to archive@cea.berkeley.edu, or to:

        Dr. Jeremy Drake
        Center for EUV Astrophysics
        University of California
        2150 Kittredge Street
        Berkeley CA 94720

Tel: (510) 642-3032     FAX: 643-5660

Further releases of EUVE data will be announced  in  future  edi-
tions of the Newsletter.
The  EUVE  Electronic  Newsletter  is  issued  by  the Center for
Extreme  Ultraviolet  Astrophysics,   University  of  California,
Berkeley. The opinions expressed  are those of the authors.
         Publishers: Roger F. Malina, C. Stuart Bowyer
              Managing Editor: Camille Trentacoste
       Funded by NASA Contracts NAS5-30180 and NAS5-29298
Send newsletter correspondence to: pub@cea.berkeley.edu (Internet)
The EUVE Project is managed by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
in  Greenbelt, MD.  The EUVE Project Manager at GSFC is Mr. Frank
Volpe, the GSFC Project Scientist for EUVE is Dr. Yoji Kondo, the
Deputy Project Scientist is Dr. Ronald Oliversen. The NASA  Head-
quarters EUVE Program Scientist is Dr. Robert Stachnik, the Depu-
ty  Program  Scientist is Dr. Derek Buzasi, the NASA Headquarters
EUVE Program Manager is Mr. John  Lintott.   Information  on  the
EUVE Guest Observer Program is available from:
     Dr. Yoji Kondo, Mail Code 684 GSFC, Greenbelt, MD 20771
           (301) 286-6247 -- euve@stars.SPAN.NASA.GOV

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