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Vol 2, No. 9 11/12/92                                ISSN 1065-3597

The following EUVE results will be presented at the January 1993
meeting of the AAS. If you are interested in more details, please
contact the lead author of each paper ( send to (author first initial
author last name) or to
and I will forward to query to the right person.

EUVE Observations of Hot DA White Dwarfs, D.\|S. Finley, J. Dupuis,
F. Paerels, and D. Koester

Wavelength and Throughput Calibration of the EUVE
Spectrometer from In-Orbit Observations, M. Abbott, J. Dupuis,
C.\|A. Christian, P. Jelinsky, and D.\|S. Finley

Extreme Ultraviolet Emission from Late-Type Stars: Early Results
from EUVE, P.\|W. Vedder, R.\|J. Patterer, J. Drake, P.
Jelinsky, A. Brown, and S. Bowyer

Processing Techniques in the Reduction and Analysis of
EUVE Spectrometer Observations, C.\|A. Christian, M. Abbott,
J. Dupuis, P. Jelinsky, and D.\|S.  Finley

EUVE Observations of the Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable RE1938-461,
J.\|K. Warren, J.\|V. Vallerga, C.\|W. Mauche, K. Mukai, O.  Siegmund

Scheduling the 1st Year of EUVE Guest Observer Targets,
C.\|A.\|Dobson, M. Johnston, M.\|E. Samuel, P. Jelinsky, C.\|A. Christian,
and D.  Biroscak

The Influence of Rotation, Mass, Age and Evolutionary Phase on the
EUV Luminosities of Late-Type Stars: First Results from the EUVE
All-Sky Survey, J.\|J. Drake, R.\|J. Patterer,
P.\|W. Vedder, P. Jelinsky, A. Brown, and S. Bowyer,

EUVE Deep Survey Observations of a Large Flare on AU Mic, S.\|L.
Cully, O.\|H.\|W. Siegmund, G. Basri, P.\|W. Vedder, J.\|V. Vallerga

An Overview of the Performance of the EUVE Observatory, R.\|F.
Malina, S. Bowyer, M. Abbott, C.\|A. Christian, J. Drake,
J. Dupuis, D.\|S. Finley, A. Fruscione, I. Hawkins, P. Jelinsky,
R. Lieu, H.\|L. Marshall, R.\|J. Patterer, J.\|V. Vallerga, P.\|W.
Vedder, and S. Vennes,

EUVE Observations of RS CVn Systems, R.\|J. Patterer, P.\|W. Vedder,
J.\|J. Drake, P. Jelinsky, A. Brown, and S. Bowyer,

The EUVE All-Sky Survey and Bright Source
Catalog, A. Fruscione, S. Bowyer, R.\|F. Malina, J.\|J. Drake,
D.\|S. Finley, I. Hawkins, P. Jelinsky, R. Lieu, H.
Marshall, R.\|J. Patterer, J.\|V. Vallerga, P.\|W. Vedder, Vennes

Spectroscopic Observations of the Interstellar Medium in Emission in
the Extreme Ultraviolet: Early results from EUVE, P. Jelinsky,
J.\|V. Vallerga, J. Edelstein, and S. Bowyer

The EUVE Archive, I. Hawkins,
C.\|A. Dobson, C.\|A. Christian,
J.\|J. Drake, R.\|F. Malina, E. Polomski, and K. Chen

Interstellar Medium Continuum, Autoionization, and Line Absorption
in the Extreme Ultraviolet, T. Rumph, S. Bowyer, and S. Vennes

Accretion and Diffusion in the Atmosphere of the
V471 Tauri's White Dwarf, J. Dupuis, S. Vennes, and S. Bowyer

Observations of PKS 2155-304 with EUVE, H.\|L. Marshall, T.\|E.
Carone, A. Fruscione, and P. Jelinsky

EUVE Broadband Detection of the Diffuese Sky Background, R. Lieu, S.
Bowyer, J. Edelstein, and P. Jelinsky

EUVE Observations of the He-Rich DO White Dwarf MCT 0501-298:
Evidence for Very Low ISM Column Density, S. Vennes, P. Jelinsky, A.
Wiercigroch, S. Bowyer, R.\|F. Malina, G. Fontaine, and F. Wesemael,

The EUVE Electronic Newsletter is issued by the  Center  for  Ex-
treme  Ultraviolet Astrophysics, University of California, Berke-
ley. The opinions expressed are those of the  authors.   Publish-
ers:  Roger F. Malina, C. Stuart Bowyer.Funded by NASA Contracts
NAS5-30180 and  NAS5-29298.
Send newsletter correspondence to: (Internet)
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The EUVE Project is managed by NASA's GSFC.  The Project  Manager
at  GSFC  is  Mr.  Paul Pashby, the Project Scientist is Dr. Yoji
Kondo, the Deputy Project Scientist is Dr. Ronald Oliversen.  The
NASA  Headquarters  EUVE Program Scientist is Dr. Robert Stachnik
the Deputy Program Scientist is Dr.  Derek  Buzasi,  the  Program
Manager is  Dr. Guenter Riegler.  The Project Operations Director
is Mr. Kevin Hartnett.  Information  on  the EUVE  Guest Observer 
Program is available from:  Dr. Yoji Kondo,  Mail Code 684  GSFC, 
Greenbelt, MD 20771 (301)286-6247; euve@stars.SPAN.NASA.GOV

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