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Vol 2, No. 14  12/24/92                                ISSN 1065-3597

Dr Antonella Fruscione has released a new version of the
internal EUVE Bright Source List covering the first 31 days
of the sky survey. In addition to the 24 sources detected
in the IOC and calibration, there are 76 sources detected
by the automatic detection software and verified visually
as "definite" sources. The breakdown of the 76 sources is
as follows:
17 Late type stars
10 WD
 3 CV
 1 Pn
 1 Misc. (star with no spectral type, probably a WD)
18 B stars.
44 sources with no optical counterpart as yet
( note the 3 AGN were detected by detailed
analysis not by the automatic detection software)
( over 100 other possible sources from the first 31
days are being analysed further)

The breakdown by  filter for the 76 sources is:
 2 stars (WD) were detected in all 4 filters
 7 stars were detected in Lex/B and Al/C
41 stars were detected in Lex/B only
15 stars were detected in Al/C only
 4 stars were detected in Dag only
 7 stars were detected in Tin only
( Lexan is "100A", Al is "200 A", Dagwood is "400A", tin is "600 A".)


THE EUVE GO Phase will begin on schedule Jan 32, 1993. The
baseline GO plan for the first year was submitted to GSFC
on Dec 18 for detailed TDRSS scheduling. NASA HQ has notified
successful proposers of approved GO programs. If you are
uncertain of the status of your GO proposal, contact
Dr Yoji Kondo ( address below). The GO Support Group at
CEA has sent questionnairs to all Category I approved GOs
for verification of their target information. We apologise
for the error in some GO target data intoduced here at CEA.
(It wont happen again). If approved GOs havent received their
questionnaire, please send email to
If you havent replied to your questionnaire yet, please
do so as soon as possible. NOTE: IT is NOT possible to
send approved GOs the raw data on the calibration data on
their approved targets at this time. The only calibration
data that has been released is available on the EUVE public
archive. NASA has established an equity principle that
all GOs must be treated equally in terms of access to
data and analysis software. It is NOT possible for
GO co-Is located on the EUVE project at UCB to obtain early
access to calibration data that is not availble to outside
PIs and Co-Is.....


The EUVE early results will be presented at an oral session
monday morning January 3 10 am (session 23 Cortex room) at
the AAS meeting in Phoeniz, AZ, USA. This will be followed
by a dedicated EUVE poster session on Wednesday Jan 6
(session 80, Pavilion room). All interested EUVE GOs
are invited to come meet the EUV GO Support staff and
to review the early EUVE sky survey results as they pertain
to their GO observations.


The EUVE Electronic Newsletter is issued by the  Center  for  Ex-
treme  Ultraviolet Astrophysics, University of California, Berke-
ley. The opinions expressed are those of the  authors.   Publish-
ers:  Roger F. Malina, C. Stuart Bowyer.Funded by NASA Contracts
NAS5-30180 and  NAS5-29298.
Send newsletter correspondence to: (Internet)
EUVE Public Archive via FTP:, pub/archive
The EUVE Project is managed by NASA's GSFC.  The Project  Manager
at  GSFC  is  Mr.  Paul Pashby, the Project Scientist is Dr. Yoji
Kondo, the Deputy Project Scientist is Dr. Ronald Oliversen.  The
NASA  Headquarters  EUVE Program Scientist is Dr. Robert Stachnik
the Deputy Program Scientist is Dr.  Derek  Buzasi,  the  Program
Manager is  Dr. Guenter Riegler.  The Project Operations Director
is Mr. Kevin Hartnett.  Information  on  the EUVE  Guest Observer 
Program is available from:  Dr. Yoji Kondo,  Mail Code 684  GSFC, 
Greenbelt, MD 20771 (301)286-6247; euve@stars.SPAN.NASA.GOV

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