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Vol 3, No.  7  June 3, 1993                          ISSN 1065-3597


In a busy month, the EUVE CD-ROM Vol.1 No.1, a new version of EUV/IRAF
package, revised GO reference data, and the EGO Center Users' Guide
are all being made available through the EUVE Science Archive.

The wavelength-calibrated AU Mic calibration data were released on 
June 1st, as announced in the last Electronic Newsletter.  Further
calibration data will be release on the 14th June - see the announcement
at the end of this Newsletter


EUVE will host a booth at the AAS meeting at UC Berkeley, starting on
the 6th June - come by and see us.  EUVE staff will be on-hand to
discuss aspects of the mission, demonstrate some software and
generally point you in the right direction if you are seeking
EUVE-related information.

The session on EUV Astronomy at the American Astronomical Society
meeting is being held on Tuesday June 8 from 8:30 to 5:30 pm. Latest
results from EUVE, ROSAT WFC, HUT, Voyager and theoretical discussions
will be presented. The evening poster session from 6-8pm will be held
at the Center For EUV Astrophysics at Berkeley.  A reception with no
host bar will be held Tuesday evening at CEA during the poster
session. Details in AAS registration packets.


The EUVE Science Archive is pleased to announce the release of the
EUVE CD-ROM Vol.1 No.1 "Selected Data and Software", to coincide with
the 182nd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, to be held at
UC Berkeley, next week.  Attendees of the meeting may pick up
a copy at the EUVE display booth.  If you are not planning to 
attend the meeting, you may order the CDROM either by conventional
mail or by e-mail.  The CD-ROM contains data and software from the 
first 7 months of operation of EUVE, including the entire AT Mic
data set.  

AT Mic was observed as a spectrometer calibration target in July 1992.
This data represents a sample of the nominal EUVE Guest Observer
Center (EGOC) processing of an observation, and is similar to what is
provided to each EUVE Guest Observer for their observations.  The data
is presented as 1-D FITS files containing the extracted spectra, 2-D
wavelength corrected FITS images, various telemetry and engineering
tables, and QPOE files containing photon position and time information
in binary tar format.  Data reduction software, a reference data set,
and documents relating to the guest observer software are also


The archive has created an automatic CD-ROM ordering facility whereby
the scientific community may request the EUVE CD-ROM through e-mail.
The CD will sent by US Mail and should arrive within two weeks
for domestic orders, and within one month for international orders.

To order a CD by e-mail, send an e-mail message to


containing the word "mailorder" (NOT in the subject field) followed by
a space and the item name (in this case "cdrom1.1", with quotes
omitted).  Please do not include any other archive requests or
messages prior to your order, or your order will not be interpreted
correctly by the mailserver software.  Following your order, on a new
line, include the mailing information sufficient to allow us to send
you order by US Mail, and a contact phone number.


The following message sent to archive@cea.Berkeley.Edu will be
interpreted as an order by Socks Clinton at the White House for the
EUVE CD-ROM Vol.1 No.1:

mailorder cdrom1.1

Socks Clinton
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20500

(202) 456-1111

Socks would receive the CD by US Mail in about two weeks.


Simply send a letter to 

	The EUVE Science Archive
	Center for EUV Astrophysics
	University of California
	2150 Kittredge St
	Berkeley  CA 94720

containing your request and return mailing address, e-mail address and
telephone number.


   This article announces the release of several products of interest to
EUVE Guest Observers and other using the EUV/IRAF software package.  All
of these products are available through the EGO Center ftp site at
ftp.cea.Berkeley.Edu.  When obtaining these products, be certain to
get the highest numbered version available at the time.

  EUV/IRAF Package

  Version 1.2.1 of the EUV software package contains substantial changes
from earlier versions.  These changes are primarily in the user interface:
many parameters have been renamed or reorganized, tasks in the package
have been made more consistent with one another in their use of some
parameters, and help pages have been cleaned up.  Because of the nature of
these changes, after installation of the new version of the package, users
will want to "unlearn" any tasks for which they have saved parameter sets
in order to pick up the changes.

  Software versions beginning with 1.2 also contain a major improvement in
the pipeline processing task "cep" to correct for false spectral features
due to binning effects.  If you are working with EUVE spectral data which
was processed using a version of the software earlier than 1.2 it is
strongly recommended that you obtain the most current version and rerun
the pipeline on your data.  The problem will be especially noticeable for
bright, low-noise spectra.  The process of re-running the pipeline is
described in the EGO User's Guide, as is a lengthy description of the
binning effect.

  EGODATA Reference Data

  The new software version requires a new version of the EGODATA reference
data set.  The current release is version 1.6.  Guest Observers with any
version prior to 1.6 will want to get the most current version to correct
an error in the "" file which rendered several software tasks

  EGO Center User's Guide

  The initial draft (version 0.1) of the EGO Center User's Guide is now
available in Postscript format.  This document contains descriptions of
the data products delivered to Guest Observers, discusses major known
instrumental effects, describes important tasks in the EUV software, and
gives examples of common processing steps.

From: Ron Oliversen, EUVE Deputy Project Scientist, NASA-GSFC

A release of calibration data taken during In-Orbit-Checkout and the
Survey phase of the mission will be available through the EUVE public
archive on June 14.  This release will be 1-d spectra (counts vs.
wavelength) as processed with EGO software version (1.1.1).  Some
calibration data were processed with more recent versions, and a
README file is included with each spectrum to indicate the appropriate
software version.  The calibration targets that will be released are:
WD 1845, WD 2309, Procyon, WD 1620, MCT 2020, PKS 2155, HR 1099 Feige
24, Capella, WD 0549, G191 B2B.  Also now available (on 1 June), are
the 1-d spectra of AU Mic.

The raw data set of AT Mic and EGO reduction software version (1.1.1)
will be released on the EUVE CD-ROM Vol.1 No.1 at the AAS Meeting next
week - see the notice above for details.

These spectra are being released WITHOUT restrictions on their use.
However, caution is advised against over-interpretation and questions
about the data reduction should be directed to

The EUVE Electronic Newsletter is issued by the Center for Extreme
Ultraviolet Astrophysics, University of California, Berkeley, CIA 94720,
USA. The opinions expressed are those of the authors. Publishers: 
R. Malina, C. Stuart Bowyer. Funded by NASA Contracts NAS5-30180 and
NAS5-29298. Send newsletter correspondence to: ceanews@cea.Berkeley.Edu
EUVE Public Archive via FTP: ftp.cea.Berkeley.Edu, pub/archive.
EUVE is managed by NASA's GSFC. The GSFC Project Manager: Paul Pashby,
Project Scientist: Dr Yoji Kondo, Deputy Project Scientist: Dr Ronald
Oliversen. NASA HQ Program Scientist: Dr Robert Stachnik, Dep. Program
Scientist: Dr D Buzasi, Program Manager: Dr G Riegler. GSFC Project
Operations Director: Mr Kevin Hartnett. Information on the EUVE Guest
Observer Program is available from: Dr Y Kondo, Mail Code 684, GSFC,
Greenbelt, MD 20771 (301)286-6247; email to euve@stars.SPAN.NASA.GOV

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