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Vol 3, No.  8  June 18, 1993                          ISSN 1065-3597


In accordance with the announcements made in earlier Newsletters, the
EUVE Science Archive is pleased to release the wavelength calibrated
spectra of the calibration targets WD 1845, WD 2309, Procyon, WD 1620,
MCT 2020, PKS 2155, HR 1099 Feige 24, Capella, WD 0549, and G191 B2B.
This release is in 1-d spectra (counts vs. wavelength) format, as
processed with EGO software version (1.1.1). Also available, from a
previous release, are the 1-d spectra of AU Mic.

These spectra were produced using the nominal reduction procedures
performed at the EGO Center on all Guest Observer observations and
should not be considered optimal reductions.  Several problems may be
present, including detector features such as hotspots; false spectral
features introduced by binning effects during the reduction or detector
distortions; errors in the wavelength solution; loss of counts due to
instrument deadtime or Primbsching; and incorrect spectral extraction
and background subtraction.  These problems are discussed at length in
the EGO Center User's Guide which is also available through this ftp

In addition, the spectra are being released WITHOUT restrictions on
their use.  However, caution is advised against over-interpretation and
questions about the data reduction should be directed to


The first EUVE CD-ROM is still available to the scientific community on
request. CDs may be ordered by contacting the Archive via US Mail or by
utilizing the electronic mail CD-ROM ordering facility.  To order by
e-mail, send a message to

containing the command line "mailorder cdrom1.1" (omit quotes) in the
main body of the text (ie not in the subject field), followed by
your mailing address and contact telephone number.


mailorder cdrom1.1

Dr. Frederick Bloggs
Department of Bloggonomy
Bloggs University
Bloggstown, BL 99999

Tel. (999) 999-9999

The CD will sent by US Mail and should arrive within two weeks for
domestic orders, and within one month for international orders. For
more details on using the mailserver program please refer to the
archive help file, which may be obtained from the archive ftp site and
the archive mailserver.  To obtain the help file from the mailserver
send an e-mail message to archive at the above address containing the
word "help" (again, not in the subject field and omitting quotes).  To
obtain the help file from the ftp site, ftp to The help file is located in the pub/archive

Many of the data files located in the FTP and mailserver sites
of the archive have been renamed or updated. Please refer to the new 
archive index file for the latest file names and any new additions.


The EUVE Guest Observer Center would like to announce the release of
version 1.7 of the EGODATA reference data set. The change of most concern
to Guest Observers or potential proposers for the second year of GO
observations is an update to the set of effective areas for the spectrometers.  
The release is available as a compressed tar file through the ftp site at, in the"pub/reference/egodata1.7/" directory.  
See the README and INSTALL filesin that directory for instructions.

The EUVE Electronic Newsletter is issued by the Center for Extreme
Ultraviolet Astrophysics, University of California, Berkeley, CIA 94720,
USA. The opinions expressed are those of the authors. Publishers: 
R. Malina, C. Stuart Bowyer. Funded by NASA Contracts NAS5-30180 and
NAS5-29298. Send newsletter correspondence to: ceanews@cea.Berkeley.Edu
EUVE Public Archive via FTP: ftp.cea.Berkeley.Edu, pub/archive.
EUVE is managed by NASA's GSFC. The GSFC Project Manager: Paul Pashby,
Project Scientist: Dr Yoji Kondo, Deputy Project Scientist: Dr Ronald
Oliversen. NASA HQ Program Scientist: Dr Robert Stachnik, Dep. Program
Scientist: Dr D Buzasi, Program Manager: Dr G Riegler. GSFC Project
Operations Director: Mr Kevin Hartnett. Information on the EUVE Guest
Observer Program is available from: Dr Y Kondo, Mail Code 684, GSFC,
Greenbelt, MD 20771 (301)286-6247; email to euve@stars.SPAN.NASA.GOV

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