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Vol 3, No.  9  June 28, 1993                          ISSN 1065-3597

The archive has recently released version 4 of the EUVE Bright Source List.
The BSL is available in table format from the archive FTP and mailserver
sites in the directory BSL. Supporting documents, such as postscript files 
depicting effective areas and exposure maps for all bandpasses, a latex 
document and latex "sty" file, are also located in the same directory. For
more information on retrieving these documents, refer to the archive help file.
The help file may be retrieved from the FTP site
(cd pub/archive) or from the mailserver, by sending e-mail to with the word "help"(omit quotes) in the text of
the mail message.

In addition, the archive released the spectrum of the the Am Her type star 
RE1938-461. This spectrum was released with the calibration spectra
mentioned in the previous newsletter, but was omitted in the announcement.


The EUVE Guest Observer Center has just released the EUVE NRA.
The NRA is available for retrieval via two methods.
It can be retrieved from our ftp site using the following
procedure to extract a postscript version of it:

          % ftp 
                 Log on with username ANONYMOUS, 
                 password is your COMPUTER ADDRESS
          % cd pub/nra
                 There is a README file with further instructions
                 To get a file type:
          % get 

Note that the GO handbook is a large document.

If you have difficulty with the ftp site or technical questions in
regard to instrument performance, please contact the EGO Center by 
sending e-mail to 

or call (510) 643-5056 and leave a message.
If you do not wish or cannot get the NRA or any of the appendices
through electronic means, you can get a hardcopy version from the 
EUVE Project Office at Goddard Space Flight Center.  The EUVE Project 
Office can be contacted by e-mail at

	(NSInet)     stars::euve
     or	(Internet)	

or, alternatively, by FAX at (301) 286-7642.  If you have a specific 
question in regard to the NRA or the EUVE project in general please
feel free to contact Dr. Yoji Kondo (Project Scientist) at (301) 286-6247 
or Dr. Ron Oliversen (Deputy Project Scientist) at (301) 286-6290.

As a reminder the EUVE proposals must be received by September 3, 1993 
and should be send to

              Dr. Yoji Kondo
              NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
              Code 684
              Building 21, Room G59
              Greenbelt, MD  20771.

IN ADDITION!!! An electronic submission of the target list (see NRA for details) 
is also required and should be send to

The deadline is also September 3, 1993.

Finally, we will add your name to our database at the EGO Center, 
so that we can send updates or notices to you if necessary.

Thank you for your interest.

The EUVE Electronic Newsletter is issued by the Center for Extreme
Ultraviolet Astrophysics, University of California, Berkeley, CIA 94720,
USA. The opinions expressed are those of the authors. Publishers: 
R. Malina, C. Stuart Bowyer. Funded by NASA Contracts NAS5-30180 and
NAS5-29298. Send newsletter correspondence to: ceanews@cea.Berkeley.Edu
EUVE Public Archive via FTP: ftp.cea.Berkeley.Edu, pub/archive.
EUVE is managed by NASA's GSFC. The GSFC Project Manager: Paul Pashby,
Project Scientist: Dr Yoji Kondo, Deputy Project Scientist: Dr Ronald
Oliversen. NASA HQ Program Scientist: Dr Robert Stachnik, Dep. Program
Scientist: Dr D Buzasi, Program Manager: Dr G Riegler. GSFC Project
Operations Director: Mr Kevin Hartnett. Information on the EUVE Guest
Observer Program is available from: Dr Y Kondo, Mail Code 684, GSFC,
Greenbelt, MD 20771 (301)286-6247; email to euve@stars.SPAN.NASA.GOV

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