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Vol 3, No.  12  August 24, 1993                          ISSN 1065-3597


We are reminding potential proposers of the opportunity to observe
Comet Shoemaker-Levy impact of Jupiter next July 21-23, 1994. The
National Science Foundation and NASA have announced several
opportunities to conduct and coordinate efforts to observe the impact
of Comet Shoemaker-Levy on Jupiter.  As part of the EUVE effort,
proposals for observing this unique event with EUVE must be received
as part of the EUVE NRA process with a proposal deadline of September
3.  Special guidelines in regards to the selection process and data
rights as announced by NASA Headquarters are listed below. 

EUVE and IUE Guidelines

(1) Both IUE and EUVE offer opportunities for science proposals from
individuals.  Proposals will be peer reviewed, and NASA will make
final selections and form one special comet impact observing team per
spacecraft.  This team will carry out detailed planning and
optimization of observations from the comet and Jovian science points
of view. 

(2) Because of the unique nature of this event, and the need to
disseminate data and preliminary interpretations rapidly, the
proprietary period will be reduced to 3 months (from 6 months for IUE
and 12 months for EUVE). 

(3) Since it is not clear today whether there will be short, episodic
observations or a prolonged observing campaign, the Project Scientist
at GSFC, in consultation with the team, will determine the strategy
for and duration of the campaign. 

Additional information as provided from the NSF is included below:

   "As many of you know, the fragments which make up Comet
Shoemaker-Levy-9 are expected to enter Jupiter's atmosphere during a
2-3 day period (July 21-23, 1994). The impact of these fragments is
expected to release significant amounts of energy. Since the impacts
are expected to occur on the farside of the planet, they will not be
directly visible, but the effects may be visible by reflection from
the nearest satellites of Jupiter. Changes may take place in the upper
atmosphere and magnetosphere of Jupiter during the final approach of
the comet, and effects on the atmosphere should be visible a few hours
later when the side of the planet rotates into view. This event
represents an unprecedented scientific opportunity for planetary
studies from ground- and space-based observatories. 

        An electronic bulletin board devoted to the comet impact has
been set up at the University of Maryland by Professor Michael F.
A'Hearn. We intend to make use of this bulletin board in keeping the
science community informed of our activities. You can log in via
Internet: telnet The userid is c1993e, and no
password is required.  E-mail for the bulletin board can be sent to" 

Drs Yoji Kondo and Ron Oliversen

The EUVE Electronic Newsletter is issued by the Center for Extreme
Ultraviolet Astrophysics, University of California, Berkeley, CIA 94720,
USA. The opinions expressed are those of the authors. Publishers: 
R. Malina, C. Stuart Bowyer. Funded by NASA Contracts NAS5-30180 and
NAS5-29298. Send newsletter correspondence to: ceanews@cea.Berkeley.Edu
EUVE Public Archive via FTP: ftp.cea.Berkeley.Edu, pub/archive.
EUVE is managed by NASA's GSFC. The GSFC Project Manager: Paul Pashby,
Project Scientist: Dr Yoji Kondo, Deputy Project Scientist: Dr Ronald
Oliversen. NASA HQ Program Scientist: Dr Robert Stachnik, Dep. Program
Scientist: Dr D Buzasi, Program Manager: Dr G Riegler. GSFC Project
Operations Director: Mr Kevin Hartnett. Information on the EUVE Guest
Observer Program is available from: Dr Y Kondo, Mail Code 684, GSFC,
Greenbelt, MD 20771 (301)286-6247; email to euve@stars.SPAN.NASA.GOV

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