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5.6.5 Developing New Conventions

The conventions that have been described in this section are not formally a part of the FITS rules and do not exclude others. However, since the purpose of such conventions is to develop a widely used and understood set of practices, new conventions should be developed only if the existing conventions in general use will not work for new data. Community comment and review should be part of development of any new convention. If design of a FITS data set is constrained by project deadlines, the intended users of the data and other groups that are making similar data publicly available should be consulted early in the development process. Proposed data designs with new conventions should be made available for review and comment to the user community as soon as a draft is available; opportunity for review should also be given to the general astronomical community to the extent possible consistent with project procedures. Requests for review should emphasize any deadlines. The proposed conventions should then be revised on the basis of the response before being incorporated in data sets.