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A Bibliography of IUE Atlases and Catalogues, 1978-1988

Patricia S. Pitts

December 18, 1997

A preliminary list of atlases and catalogues based on IUE data appeared in a previous issue of this Newsletter (Pitts and Imhoff 1989). Since then, I have completed a search through eleven years of references and have compiled a bibliography of 106 items; the complete list is presented on the following pages.

As before, articles not specifically titled ``catalogue" or ``atlas" are included if they contain five or more plots (usually flux vs. wavelength) derived from IUE data. If a work contains plots which are too small to see in detail or have inconsistent units as labels, the article is usually not listed. Several papers with line identification lists are also included. I attempted to be liberal in my choices and looked particularly for studies in areas not heavily represented in the first bibliography (e.g., variable stars and solar system objects). Publication of an atlas covering a missing category would no doubt be appreciated by many researchers.

Thanks are due to those who brought articles to my attention or who have communicated their intention to compile an atlas. Please keep us informed of your progress.


Pitts, P.S., and Imhoff, C.L. 1989, NASA IUE Newsletter, 37, 1.

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Karen Levay