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5.4.4 Other Corrections

If you have archival LWP data processed with Intensity Transfer Function (ITF) # 1, you may wish to apply the following calibration correction:


Fluxes between 1900 and 3300 Å corrected. The correction is based on large aperture point source data. LWPFIX will determine if your data needs the correction. Only data processed with ITF1 will be corrected; data processed with ITF0 should be reprocessed.

ITF1 was used starting on 4 November 1981 at Goddard, and prior to 21 December 1987 at both stations (starting date for VILSPA unknown). The ``old'' absolute calibration was used until 22 December 1987 at both stations. Starting date for Goddard was 19 October 1983; for VILSPA it was 11 October 1983. ITF0 was used between 17 August 1981 and 3 November 1981 at Goddard.