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11.1.2 ``Old'' Kurucz Models

For those who wish to compare their target spectra against the 1979 Kurucz model atmospheres, model spectra may be generated with KURUCZ.


TE Effective temperature for the model spectrum.
LOGG Log of the gravity for the model.
AB Log of heavy element abundance relative to solar.
wave Wavelength vector for model spectrum.
flam Line blanketed flux spectrum in erg cm-2 s-1 nm-1.
cont Continuum spectrum (no line blanketing).

Once the model spectrum has been generated, it should be scaled to your data. Then it may be plotted over the observed spectrum using any of the plotting procedures described previously.

If you do not remember which Kurucz models are available, type:


You will be asked for the approximate temperature range, and may select the most appropriate model from a table of the available models.