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Why use a DOI?
DOIs provide easy access to specific data sets, providing others fast, efficient, and durable access to your data.
What is the MAST DOI Initiative?
The MAST DOI Initiative is a system at MAST for assigning, preserving, and dereferencing DOIs for MAST data. It is also a partnership with American Astronomical Society Journals (The Astrophysical Journal, The Astronomical Journal, The Astrophysical Journal Supplements, and The Astrophysical Journal Letters) in which MAST and AAS Journals collaborate to bring MAST DOIs to AAS Journal articles. At present, only authors at STScI are being asked to provide DOIs to their MAST data in the publication process.
How do I create a DOI for my MAST data?
Who do I contact regarding DOIs?
MAST Helpdesk
AAS Data Scientist
STScI Library
What if I want to make a DOI for non-MAST data?
Am I allowed to use MAST DOIs on ArXiv? Other publications?
While MAST does not have any explicit agreements in place with other publishers, you may use a MAST DOI in any way you see fit. We would be happy if you used it in any publication referencing the data.
Examples of MAST DOIs.
Coming Soon!
How do I cite an HLSP or an already-established DOI?
Can I create more than one DOI? Should I?
You may create more than one DOI for your manuscript. We suggest that you create DOIs for each dataset that is discussed independently in the manuscript. If data sets are analyzed in conjunction they should be put into the same DOI. We recommend that you not generate many DOIs with similar content; don’t generate one for each target. If you discuss, for instance, FUSE and HST data that a reader would most likely want to access independently, you can create a separate DOI for each of them.
Are DOIs citable?
While DOIs can be referenced by journals they are not kept track of like articles or other “first-class citable objects”. Thus, MAST DOIs do not accrue citations in the same way articles do. MAST DOIs should be thought of more like “permanent URLs” than scholarly works.
What if I need to edit a DOI?
DOIs can be edited with permission of MAST staff as well as permission from all publications that currently reference the DOI. It is the position of MAST and AAS Journals that the DOI should reference the the data the author intended at the time of publication, rather than any data unintentionally referenced by clerical error.