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HST Data "Online" for HST Instruments STIS, GHRS, FOS and FOC

MAST presents final calibrated data for the HST Instruments STIS, GHRS, FOS and FOC. The data for the GHRS and FOC instruments were processed through the OTFC pipelines at ST-ECF using the best available software and calibration files at this time. The reprocessing effort is documented in two Instrument Science Reports (FOC-99 and GHRS-92). The links are to pdf files containing drafts of these Instrument Science Reports. The STIS data have been processed through a "final" processing pipeline and are no longer reprocessed upon request via OTFR. These final files were captured and placed online. STIS is currently scheduled for repair. OTFR will be turned on again once the instrument is operational again.

We are currently providing an alternate interface to the GHRS and FOC data, because it has not yet been reingested into DADS. Please note that a request to DADS will give you the data processed close to when it was taken since OTFR was never implemented for the old instruments! We expect the final calibrated data to be integrated into the HST archive sometime in the future but until then we are providing this alternative interface. We also include the final calibrated data for the FOS instrument in this online archive. Even though this STIS and FOS data can be retrieved via DADS, this online interface provides direct access to the data on disk.

We kept the search interface for the HST data that are in the online very similar to the general HST search interface. The difference is that when you mark data to be retrieved, they will be downloaded directly to your computer in a tar file. This download does not utilize the DADS batch retrieval method and should therefore be faster.

The data are also available via anonymous ftp. FTP to logging in as anonymous. CD to pub/hstonline. The data are stored in a set of subdirectories following the format /pub/hstonline/XXXX/datasetname where XXXX is the first four letters of the dataset name, effectively grouping the data by proposal. For dataset X0ND0101T the path would be pub/hstonline/x0nd/xond0101t.

Map of HSTONLINE observations

Map by Instrument